Drying pot plants in Florida

Hi. I live near Sarasota Florida and I have found my drying times are much shorter. I read it takes 7 days for full drying but I find it only takes 2-3 days. I grow outside until ready than I keep them in air conditioned house, in the dark with fan on low. Any longer and they are crispy. Please inform me.


The AC is pulling the moisture out. I have the same issue most of the time. I tried putting them in a closet to slow it down some, but then I started getting concerned about mold issues.

With our humidity, especially now with hurricane season coming up, drying outside can be a problem unless you have access to a large barn type structure. Then you still need a fan.

I usually hang mine just until the fan leaves easily pull away, trim the buds the rest of the way and then paper bag them until they are ready to go in mason jars.

Of course, I came here trying to learn how to improve my finished smoke for taste and smell. The way I’ve always done it could be part of my prior disappointments.

It’s a fine line to walk, drying at the proper rate without a humidor or something. Good luck.


How long do you paper bag them and when do you put them in glass jars. I’ve been putting them in glass jars as soon as they are dry. I still think somehow I can get a better all around smoke. Thanks for answering my questions.

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You should open those jars for five or ten minutes a couple of times a day for a few weeks until they get completely dry, you have to let the moisture out of the jar


I don’t have a set time for the bag. I usually wait until the outside of my trimmed buds feel dry. (Inside will still have moisture.) Once the large buds feel dry, I jar them.

As @Paranorman stated above, you want to open the jars every day to start. Letting the jar “breathe” will exchange out the moisture that will be released as the buds continue dry. I believe the jar just helps slow down the drying. Exchanging the air is vital.

He recommended 5 or 10 minutes. I usually do about 30, but maybe I was letting it breathe too long. Came to learn what I was doing that could be improved.

Once a week I will pull all the buds out to inspect for any sign of molding and also the progress of the drying. Before replacing the buds I select a small one to sample after two weeks in the jar. You know I have to! :imp:

More advice will come (and from much better sources) as you stay and ask. Weigh them all and find what is best for you. And make sure to download Robert’s grow bible. He also has a guide for everything after the harvest at the ILGM site. Read what he’s written. More help than you know.

If I knew how to post a link I would. Sorry.


You know I have to sample too! :slight_smile: I think tonight I’m going to clip my first Bud off my most ripe autoflower, give it a quick dry and check it out LOL

… this is my old bad habit! I swore I wasn’t going to do it this time!? lol :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Stop lying to yourself! Anticipation takes over and we give in. It’s just who we are. Lol


I have the same bad habit…lol.
I justify it by taking the small buds that didn’t get the proper light…


Exactly!.. Guess I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

I might give it a couple days or til the weekend cuz I just got an eighth from my local dispensary of serious happiness (serious seeds) …and I found a seed in it! :slight_smile:


Jackpot! I prefer sinse, but you can do that with your magic bean. Lol

I wonder if it will be hermie? Another thread for another time

I apologize to the OP for hijacking her thread

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It might be a feminized seed if the plant produced it because it didn’t get fertilized. As I understand it (any plant agronomists please correct me) plants may respond to not having been fertilized by quickly throwing up a male flower that successfully fertilizes at least a few flowers. Any resulting seeds, having only female DNA, will be female when they sprout.

Hey Waterlilly and @FloridaSon I live in Bradenton. This is my first grow ever. Nice to find some local growers on here. I have two tented white widows that are doing great and will be ready for harvest in a couple of weeks. I also have three outdoor potted ww’s outside vegetating in the lanai. I was wondering if you’ve ever seen these scriggly markings in the leaves? (I’ll post a pic) plants seem healthy but I’m concerned. I see no bugs. Can’t bring in until the others are done flowering. Any idea?

Glad to read your posts about drying. Very helpful. Thanks and nice to meet you.


Welcome Lisa!

Leaf miners are causing the lines you are seeing. I cut the leaf and throw it in a fire or trash. Cut the stem of the leaf about 1.5" from where it emerges from the main branch or trunk. The remainder of the leaf stem should easily pull away in about a week.

Once they are there, not much you can do since they are inside the leaf.

Check the blogs on the main site for pests. Also, download the free guide Robert offers. The reading is well worth it.

There are more growing here in Florida than you realize. We just have to remain hidden for now. I’m hoping that changes this election. Looking good on your grow.


Thanks Son. I really hope it changes in Nov. as well. I will read up on pests. Thanks again.

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Same issue question I’ve jarred my harvest been airing out everyday since placed in jars will add humidity packs end off week still got that grassy smell how long before that wonderful smell comes out of jars


Son. You were exactly right! Did some reading. Ordered some of the yellow sticky strips to catch the pesky Mama bugs. Thank you so much. It’s so great to have these fountains of information and direct guidance from seasoned growers. Good stuff. :+1:t2::grinning:

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Ice I don’t know man but I’m sure interested in those humidity packet things I’m going to check em out next time I’m at my local grow store and see what they’re all about

If by grassy smell you mean like a fresh mowed lawn I don’t know what to say about that ? Did you do a flush ?

One time I stayed out and didn’t crack my jars for half a day longer than usual and when I opened them I got a faint whiff of ammonia ! :confused:

I spread them out for a while and everything was fine but ya really got to stay on top of it ! …kinda a pain in the ass ?

This Friday will be week in jars gonna add packs and see what happens

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Cool … let us know how you like them, thanks