What methods to use for curing your harvest

I like to cure my buds very slowly. Once I cut my base I hang for at least a week in a dark ,cool room. I usually run my AC at about 65 degrees. I like to then cut my branches down off the main stem then I trim buds to final trim . I usually like to keep my buds on the stem to I final trim I feel it helps slow the cure down. I think the slower the better and I don’t wait til my stems snap for me that’s to dry I hate when my buds turn to dust. I’d love to see everybody’s methods. @neckNflu and @HJL


I trim wet and then hang for about 3 days to a week in a card board box then final trim and straight to jars with 62 boveda packs and burp my jars every few days
My blueberry and northern lights cured to perfection
Lil crispy and sticky outside and nice and sticky inside once they go in the grinder you can relly smell how complex the terpene profile is.
I am sure there are better ways
Only one grow under my belt


@Growit yeah nice. I like mine the same way. Crisp on the outside juicy in the middle. Kinda like KFC. LOL mine usually clogs up a Grinder I’m a scissor guy. I know old school !!


Ha!! Me too
I never even seen a grinder till a year ago

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I have a grinder now though pretty neat device for sure

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Haha I know. The younger crowd is like. What r u doing. Lol . Dispensary weed is good for a grinder cuz it’s usually dry as the Sahara that’s what turns me off of dispensary weed is it’s usualky way to dry. I never force dry my plant. I like real cool temps and no air movement in the room . It take a long time but I think that makes the difference


I wash and air dry before hanging and use one of those tiered nylon racks for the purpose. The plant material goes in a guest bedroom and this time of year the central heat is turned off and a fan blowing in the room. When I get to a point where I think I’m close the plants go into large paper bags and continue to dry slowly until I’m at 62% RH. Manicure and jar and cure from there.


Super dry
I think dispensaries must do some kind of quick dry/cure process to get it out on the market
I have only one grow under my belt but the buds were better in breakdown , smoke , texture and terpene profile than anything I ever got from a dispensary and that is not just my opinion
I gave away alot of free bud to seasones smokers and everyone loves it!!
At first I was like man this is some great bud!
But then felt maybe I was partial cuz it was my own
But after some other people tried it and the feed back was all 10s man real good feeling to know your are growing grade a top shelf bud and people did it for fun and for medical so super happy
Workin on grow number 2
Check it out if you want I will try and remeber to tag you in not that I am doin anything super cool but it is always fun to check out other peoples grows


I’m set to watching. Thanks for the tag @timmyv324. Send a link to your grow journal @Growit.


For sure tag me in

You got it man. My pleasure @Countryboyjvd1971 I hope this worked. I’m not for sure that this is tagging you but I hope so.

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Im here lol now to copy and paste my response from other thread lol

Dry time will vary depending on time of year and region your in
With temps in the 75-80 range humidity around 55% 7-10 days hang time before stems snap and break not bend
then time and into jars
With lower humidity levels you might want to consider using paper bags are hanging for 4-5 days to slow drying process down
The more you do the better you’ll get at it
Curing if done properly can take months
6 or more before max potential is reached
I wont lie tho I start smoking my harvest as soon as its dry


@Donaldj come on buddy I know you got some good info for us on this. I’m sure we would like to here what you have to say on this. @Hogmaster @latewood @Myfriendis410 @AmnesiaHaze what do you all do.


60km winds and snowing outside so my internet is spotty at best also have trimming to do today so you may have to tag me back in later?


How long do you leave them in the cardboard box?

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I do the same as @Countryboyjvd1971 some times a quick dry in a paper bag if I need it now but if you slow dry and cure it will knock your socks off It’s like a fine wine better with age


What are the best ways to slow down the drying process in low humidity?

Everything I’m reading about using paper bags or cardboard boxes, people are using these methods to speed up drying.

I plan to hang dry whole branches without trimming until stems snap prior to curing. I then plan to trim, and cure in quart mason jars (hopefully jars and not just one jar :wink: ) with 62% Boveda packs for…well, until I smoke it all.

Is there anything else I can do besides dry trim?


I’ve learned that paper bags or cardboard will absorb the moisture and if you want to slow it u can put them in something plastic such as a tote and they will regain some moisture. Kinda kind the cracker in a sugar jar u know. If you really need moisture I seen people use lettuce leaves and put in a tote because they dried it so much it was crumbleing while trimming. Remember the old apple slice or a peel of something g back in the day to revive a dry bag. But the peels will flavor the weed that why my buddy used lettuce


Thank you for starting this topic. I’m actually at the point where I will be using this information. So far one of mine that I took down all I did was cut it down, trim off the giant fan leaves but I left the smaller fan leaves and sugar leaves on. Then I left them all on the little branches but I cut everything off of the main stock. Then I hung all the branches, with buds attached, onto one of those hanging dry racks with the 6 tiers to them. So far it’s been about five days and it still seems awful damp yet… I’m learning as I’m going so I’m writing tons down from everyone’s posts. Thank you very much I’m very interested in this topic! I need a lot of work on drying and curing.


I can’t wait until this topic is relevant to me :wink: About a month away still.