Looking for tips during the curing process

Haven’t started growing yet, but I’m curious to know what thoughts anyone has in terms of curing. I was reading a room with about 70 degrees F is a good range. Does it need to be a dark room as well? I welcome any tips anyone might have. Thank you in advance.

(Also, if you’re trying to cure larger quantities, is there anything different you guys do?)

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There are many different ways to dry and cure. Many times it’s personal preference or it can depend on your natural climate and location.

I personally built a home made drier to expedite the process - I cut and hang. Wait for leaves to be crispy, then trim them off. Hang again until buds are crunchy. Trim buds and put into jars and into drier. Lids off for a couple days, then lids on loose. Burp for a couple more days and my cure is mostly done. One note… the longer they are in the jars and being burped the tastier the bud.