Drying buds in paper bags

I wonder if anyone has tried drying in paper bags? I read a article or two about it, and some people say it works much better than hanging them with string, or I guess dental floss would be good…? This person said his buds do not smell or taste so good using the hanging method, (says they smell and taste like hay, compared to the bag drying method, or something!!! lol), and they smell like they do right before harvest and taste way better too, when he drys them in paper bags…!!!

The first few days should be open air drying. After most of the moisture has gone, a brown paper sack will work.

regular string works fine.


Used brown bags before but just like above after a week of drying

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I use large grocery brown paper bags right after harvest. I trim the plants down to reasonable branches that will fit the width of the bag, trim the buds up as much as possible, and put them in the bags for about one week ~ about what it takes for the branches to snap. I put about two layers of bud in a bag. @bob31 taught me this way.


I like to hang first and then use the paper bags or cardboard boxes if needed. They hay smell will usually disípate after a good amount of time curing.


Thanks everyone for the replies…!!! Gonna harvest soon. Does it matter what time of the day, or when to cut her down during the light cycle?

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Give 48 hours darkness then cutter down😎

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I put my indoor plants in a dark closet for 48 hours before chopping them and then try to do in dim lighting. I read somewhere it helps. @Majiktoker or @Niala knows the science behind this. Best of luck on your harvest, Jeb


Thanks @Momtomask!!! That is a good idea! Are those called paper clips on Amazon? Seems easier than using string? Do those work good for ya? I might get a bunch of those!!! lol

Beautiful looking buds too!!! lol Thanks for the cool pics!!!

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You’re most welcome - they are binder clips I steal from my office :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I ran some gardening training wire through a box my son’s computer came in so it’s a good size for one of my indoor plants.


Is @Majiktoker still here🤗

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Well, I read somewhere to cut her down right before the lights come back on. I can not or should not put in darkness because this most mature plant is really super ready to harvest… 30% or more of amber trichromes already… Running late on her! Just had to flush all the nutes out. Did that… So, since I can not put in darkness…, I do not have to wake up before the lights come back on so early in the morning, to cut her down and hang her up or whatever I decide to do? I am not even sure what time the lights come on, 5 a.m. or earlier… Way before I wake up!!! lol I am not a morning person at all…!!! lol

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good ideas @Momtomask!!! I like it!!! lol Think I might try that!!! Thanks!!!

If she is the only plant in the tent just leave the lights off and cut her down at a better time of day for you. But it is best to do it before lights come on. You can also try staggering the harvest by just cutting and hanging the most ripe buds and let some of the rest continue growing and ripening.


got 2 more plants not quite ready yet under that light. Only got one good light! Got another little junk light, but it really is just junk…

Let me ask u folks over here this one if anyone here grows drain to waste, not hydro… @Momtomask maybe? Or @Sixpackdad perhaps? Dumb question, but someone had mentioned something about how much I water… I decided to measure on my other plants. I never really thought about how much run off I get very much… Always seemed like plenty to me… Not sure how important it is… So, I am supposed to get 10% runoff or more… All these things say “10% of runoff at least is what one should water to…” The ones I have read never say 10% of what…? They could mean 10% of water poured in should come out as run off, or they could mean 10% of the amount of soil in the pot? Which is it? Would appreciate an answer from anyone on this one, of course. Any soil growers that is… lol Thank you!!!

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Water used lol, if you were getting 10% of your soil back every time you wouldn’t have medium very long😉


lol!!! so they mean 10% of the water poured in then? One could measure how much soil is in the pot, or just what size pot, minus what ever, how much below the top of the pot the soil is… they seemed to think I am not watering enough or something…, but I get way more than 10% of the water I pour in as runoff…, so I was thinking “what in the heck???”.

Sure would be bad if my holes were so big, that I lost 10% of my soil every watering though, eh!!!:joy::rofl:

Right lol i like my dwc don’t have to do all that :wink:

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