Trying to maximize their potential

Howdy yall figure I would share my progress with you guys so far.
I am around Foothills near Lake Tahoe, CA/Folsom, CA
August 10th

September 4th

So yesterday there was an accident and some big branches broke off and we put them on the drying racks.
Also these are my fluctuating temps and RH values.
63 F @ 32% RH 1:43am
93 F @ 10% RH 2pm

I think I probably have about 3- 4 weeks left by looking at most of the branches.

So here is a list of my concerns and questions and if I need to post in different sections let me know.

  1. What are cheap ways to make a drying room for the plants to hang?
  2. Any benefit of the stalks for me or can I just give them to my dog to chew on?
  3. If I cannot get my temps to the desired levels what is the best course of action?
  4. Can I cut them and jar them to cure? For instance I have a crawl space under my mobile home, can I just jar everything up and stick them down there and just burp them longer?
  5. If I was looking to make hash can I grab uncured bud and leafs or should I wait for them to be cured?

Thank you all so much. I am happy to be apart of this community.


I’ll try to cover what I can. May take a couple edits. But to answer the easiest #5. If you just want to make hash out of it you can throw it in the freezer. Then take it out a few hours later and lay it out on paper or whatever and it’ll be dry in a few hours. Basic freeze drying. Would only do this for hash, since you’re isolating the trichomes and don’t have to worry about vegetation that would still be full of the first stages of chlorophyll. Which aren’t great to smoke, it degrades to different stages over time and mostly overall when dried in darkness.
4 No
3 If temps running to high keep humidity in the 58-62 range
2 tea, about it. Just flavor
1 it’s not as complicated as it seems. You just need air exchange and darkness. I assume you already know the appropriate range since you asked if you couldn’t meet it. I only use exhaust fan, one. When drying. No matter what tent. Even the one that takes a whole closet.

See it pointing out the door I just never close all the way when I use it for drying. Other tents have built in exhaust already. But this is as simple as it gets. Don’t need the reflection for drying. Just the spaces I got.

So light doesn’t get in but the zipper is open ~60% of the U


The monster harvest you will have there …I’d say Is there a room in your place you can dedicate to drying it out?
Lol you are gonna need some space

So this works as if there is a fan in the space ?
I’m thinking of creating a dark space in my garage …and was wondering if that will work instead of a fan? Blowing in the dark space sorry to jump in as you are helping someone else …

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Oh duh. the trick is to size your drying area to harvest. You won’t need a humidifier then. Exhaust is all you need. since you will always need to lower it in the right area. Which your exhaust covers since your lung room is so low. Hence why I used the smaller tent for last dry…

This was my very first one. Lol.

@lacewing if it meets the above conditions. But most garages are humid this time of year. No good to dry in.


I won’t be drying for another 3-4 weeks and I’m in the mid Atlantic area October will be a different story no?

In 2021 I don’t pretend to understand much of anything anymore. Let alone the weather. lol.


Hahaha very good point lol …
I wasn’t gonna just dry it in the open garage …was going to maybe kind of construct my own tent situation with something light proof

Understand. Would just be potentially dangerous here in the Midwest at nights right now, can’t say in the future. Humidity over 90% and temps in the 50-60s are the conditions in which the spores that cause bud rot germinate. I wouldn’t even be pruning outside right now. Lol.

Yes. It’s 100% humidity here

Oh ok got ya we have very different climates …it’s been pleasant here in the 70’s and low humidity

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Yeah. I hate this area. But it’s where I’m from. Somehow ended up back. Lol

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Where I have some larf hanging

Of course the lights are off too

Well since you want it to hold 62% before jarring it. Should probably be 62% or less to achieve that. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah …I may try to grab a cheap tent I have two small outdoor plants that should be a staggered harvest by a week or two
Might be a much smarter route to go

Thanks for your help …

Oh them you know what happens with the tent after hahahah

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No. I don’t follow actually? Lol

Lol I probably begin growing indoors …I’ve only grown this time outside


Nice ladies and that’s a big bud

Welcome to the forum. I’m a long way from home now. I have great memories of getting high and riding the bike trail up the American River from sac and jumping in folsom lake and riding back home all summer long.

@2centshortofacheerio Welcome Friend…! Thats a big outdough! Crop you got there… Ive had some branches break too, Its a pisser!! I know many say you need to support them…But Ive seen other friends grow and we/you are in the same “general;” area and they dont have any support and there plants have zero breakage …What gives… Anyway nice crop man!!! Keep posting!!!

I was looking at these 2 options instead of buying a shit ton of insulation wrap to do my whole shed.
Do you think it’ll be enough space?

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