Drying outdoor plant in basement

I only have about 25 buds to dry because I over pruned and planted where it didn’t get enough sun. (Granny’s 1st time growing). I have several question about drying. My basement has ideal temperature for drying but Windows will keep it light. Would blotting out windows be dark enough? What about the smell, We don’t have a door to close unless I put up a blanket to the basement. I’m worried about the buds smelling up the whole house and friends/company coming over.

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Blocking out the lights would probably be a good thing. the only way to know if the smell is too much is to try it, I think it’ll be okay
-best of luck

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Do the plants take on odors of the environment? I have a friend who offered her shed but it smells old, might have stored gas & oil at some time.

Does it smell really bad like gas and oil? If it just smells like old air that’s been hanging out I would just air it out for a couple days and maybe use a fan to keep new air coming in. Good luck

I do have this 5 ft. x 10 ft room than can easily be covered, a small fan on floor to dry, but it have paint cans, etc. in it. See photos. The tiny room doesn’t smell of paint but who knows if I cover it. I guess I could uncover at night when it’s dark, we have a street light outside but not real close. What about this room?


The room would be my choice plus I could control the darkness and like you said definitely a fan moving air indirectly

I might run some string across and hang the buds from the strings

I would remove any fruit or veggies you have in the basement room you’re going to dry in. That last thing you would want is some mold spores to spread to your plant!

I think that basement room would be perfect though :v:

And it looks like a nice grow spot for next…

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I didn’t think about the veggies, yes I’ll remove them.


You are awesome I wish my Grannie grew weed!


My two grandsons just smile when they look at my plants, especially Lukas who is in 1st year of college. I don’t use it to get high but for migraine headaches. Plus you never know what you’re buying off the streets. I grew Northern Lights Feminized, I know it’s pure. Thanks for the high five!


Your awesome and I agree it’s much safer for you as well. Keep growing and if you need help we are all here for you

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I need to hang some buds soon. Debating on hanging each or using a mesh cloth to dry them on. I got a mesh laundry bag from the dollar store -should do in a pinch

have you tried both ways?

No. only on second grow last time I hung in a little cabinet. I think the mesh is quicker though. I’ll reread the harvest guides. It’s been awhile

It will be a while before my girls are done but my concern on my drying my tent temperature and humidity the temperature stays between 74 and 81° and the humidity is between 43 and 55 should I have any Worries about mold I have a drop down Ned that I will be hanging to place the bugs in to dry debating on hanging the branches for several days before trimming then using the net or is there a different way I should do this any input would be wonderful

Your temp and humidity levels are good, nothing to worry about!

I personally cut the entire plant and hang it upside down. I trim fan leaves when I cut the plant, then I trim any NON sugar leaves after another 2-3 days.

My last harvest I decided to switch it up. So I cut the plant in half basically. So one entire half was hung upside down, and the rest was cut and hung by branches. I see no real difference though. I thought the cut up branches would dry faster, but so far they’re all drying at the same rate regardless of being hung whole or in pieces.

That’s just me though! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


I was thinking of hanging branches but no reason to if they dry equally the same. I am stuffing all this good information in my brain, hope it stays there for future reference. Thanks Ya All!


You can always get on Amazon and spend about 80 bucks and get a carbon filter and fan put them in a small area preferably box in somehow for the carbon filter to work properly there will be no smell at all with a good carbon filter

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Something to think about next year as I’m planting more than 3 plants.

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