Drooping leaves first grow

This plant is bussin but all sudden got some droop, is it lack of light or overwatering?

Very hard to tell under the blurple lighting.
If you can get photos in natural light it really helps.
Perhaps just use your flash.

One sec mate

Towards the bottom

Overall it looks like you are simply under powered on your lighting.
The plant is stretching out and developing longer thinner stems to reach for more light and the stems cant hold up the leaves. Other than that it looks fine. Nice green color and no deficiencies showing. A couple spots where maybe some water was on a leaf while lights on but thats no big deal.

What light are you using?

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This and im using both bloom and veg buttons at once

The plant also has been doing really good! And then this happens so close lol

I started with a light just like that.
Its actually only 100 watts or so.
If you move your plant into the corner and place the light directly above and work it down over the next few days to about 12" above you will be able to finish. But you are going to need better lighting.
Good news is this light will be fine for starting seedlings and growing smaller plant for the first two or 3 weeks. Just not good enough for producing much in the way of flower.
Dont feel bad as most of us here did the same thing. Theres a whole thread on it somewhere.

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here it is…


Sigh okayyy any light suggestions?

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Take your time…research and ask questions.
How big is your tent and how much weed do you want to grow?

Um max like 4 plants and my tent is like 4 foot wide by 8ft long

Do you have a budget?
Lighting a tent that size could be expensive. But perhaps you only need to use half of it.
After learning how to grow better I just harvested 14 ounces dry wt out of a 3x3 area with only 2 plants.
Its just a matter of learning how. I learned it here.

Yeah i dont need to use the whole tent. Its just what i found that would fit. Budget is like 350$ for a light

4x8 tent would need 1200 to 1500 watts and that’s watts from the outlet

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We have some light experts who may have good recommendations.
Lets tag @dbrn32 for some help.
I think lighting it in sections is what you should do.
For 350 you should be able to get something to work.

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350 would get light for maybe 9 square feet 3x3 you could partition you tent off

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Okay sounds cool

I dont use the whole tent. Only half i dont know any good lights

Maybe something like this to start and add another down the line.

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