Blurple Buyer’s Support Group

Hi, my name is Neo.

(Hi, Neo)

I recently became interested in a wonderful new hobby. Growing marijuana.

I knew I needed a basic set up to get started. A tent, ventilation and lighting.

After a few google searches I found plenty of review websites. After buying a tent and exhaust fan, I went looking for lighting. I found a great website that had detailed reviews and links to directly purchase the light off of Amazon. How convenient I thought.

The reviews were amazing. I was only growing in a 3x3, so I know I didn’t need the 1200w light so I opted for the 900w light. I was set! And it was under a hundred bucks!

I cracked my seeds and started the process. I was off to the races. Or so I thought.

I had bought my seeds off ILGM. So I returned to find some info on the strain, THC content or Indica/Sativa Ratio, yield maybe… I don’t remember.

What I do remember is finding the support forum. What a wealth of knowledge! I decided to show off my new set up and start a grow journal. I received tons encouragement and advice.

And then someone pointed out my light, saying it was inadequate.

What? My light?

I felt insulted!

It had great reviews! It was 900 watts! It was the pinnacle of technological advancement. A 21st century miracle!

I spent hours of research on Amazon!

Then after a few minutes of research on the ILGM forum, I realized I was lied to. The reviews were BS.

I felt ashamed. I was defeated. I was inadequate.

I questioned my manhood. I questioned my intelligence.

Then I found out there were more of us. And that’s why I’m here.

To share my story. To share my recovery. To reach out to others and help with their recovery too.

I’m not ashamed to say I bought a Blurple anymore.

I am, however, proud to say I have moved on. My girls are under quality LED lighting and thriving. I’m now adequate. And maybe even a little proud of who i am again. And proud of what my girls have become.


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@NeoGroR maybe just maybe one day I will be there :wink: but for now I will be in the blurple club.:joy:


Please, everyone, tag anyone whom could benefit from this thread.


Hahaha love this! I too, fell into the amazon blurple trap. Read the reviews and seemed like for $90 this light would be all I’d ever need to grow tons of weed. Only took a couple weeks and watching my seedlings struggle under this greatly reviewed light to realize maybe it wasnt so great. People on this forum were very quick to help. Not condescending in any way. Just very helpful and knowledgable. Now i have a quality, yet still budget friendly light and my girls are thriving!


Hahaha. All good dude, it has happened to most of us in way or another. I’m not sure why, but it’s difficult for most of us to take criticism from strangers on the internet. Most of us are here to help.

We can probably find something to replace leds in your blurple fixture to make it cool again too.


Now there’s a great idea.

Are you talking about modifying the blurple with different LED’s? Utilizing the same driver?


Ya. Maybe even use factor case and heatsinks.


I’m in. When I am done vegging seedlings with it, I’ll tear it apart and see what kind of power source I have.

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Some lessons need to be learned the hard way.


Cool. We will want to get pictures of all the power supplies, and note whether the fans have their own power supplies or are wired in series with factory led modules.

Depending on what we come up with, may want a piece of aluminum the exact size of factory pcb. If everything works out we can mount factory heatsinks to back side of aluminum plate and new led modules on the front. Then as long as mounting holes are transferred, it should all fit back into factory case. If not, we can probably figure something else out too.



I went ahead and created it.

Feel free to share.

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Omg lol very funny!!!

Ok, here goes:
Hello, my name is Tenga and I , too, was tricked by the Amazon Blurple!!! But ive learned my lesson! Everyone repeat after me: hlg hlg


Hi Tenga, welcome to the group.

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Hi. My name is betty. I started with one 300w galaxy hydro blurple (actual 130). Then, then another 2 of those. Then, a 600w. Eventually, everything was pinkish-purple and hotter than hell, but my plants’ needs (and mine) seemed insatiable.

Then…I realized I had hit rock bottom. I saw the light. The qb light. Now, I have one light per tent. I don’t want or need more.

I, too, am not ashamed of starting with blurples. They did their job, just not well. Once they turned me into a blurplish colored junkie, I knew I had a problem. Like many of you here, I am so glad to have recovered.

There’s no shame in having the blurples. Just know, you’re not alone. There’s help out there, if you need it.


Hi Betty, welcome to the group. Thanks for sharing.


I started with a Meizhi 300 watt, then bought 2 more. After that grow I needed more light so with one thing and another I ended up with 9 lights. After getting guidance I chose the diy route and never looked back.

Anybody want some used blurple lights haha?


Hi Myfriend, welcome to the group. Thanks for sharing.

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Cool thread, dude. The struggle is real LMAO.


We seriously could stock a store with all the blurples people have fallen victim to :joy::joy:

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