Dose it look like i'm ready to flower these blue dreams

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You can start flower normally about after they are a month old. But, if you’re going to scrog them with the net above them, is wait a while

If its from a seed i persinally wait a min of a month. If its a clone with strong healthy roots you can flip it right away.
Its completely up to u based on the size plant u want to end up with or can fit. I agree with @HornHead if u plan on scrog’n her then id wait till most every hole in screen is full. If u check out my grow journal 2nd wwa grow i have a superskunk scrog thats in full flower might show what we mean better.

If you start them to early they will actually stay in veg till they are ready but a month is a good time to flip to 12-12 Usually by then they’re mature enough and ready and will stay more manageable in size they look great

adding some side lighting started flower today thanks for y’alls help hopefully this will be a good one for my second run

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Thinking of maybe raising trellis or removing it now

Do y’all think this is too much light or should I hang em up top

If your trying to scrog you have a few to many plants to do anything but support you can flower any time I normally like to wait at least 4 -6 weeks the longer you veg the bigger they will be

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No need for the scrog. You have enough to fill the tent already.

Move that led higher min 24 in from top of plant. Looks to be about 10 to 12 in away in pic the intensity of the led will start to cause issues

Thanks it helped alot

So I got two 3 n half gallon buckets with maybe 2 n half gallon of water in it with one 2 n half gallon with 2 gallon in it and I just started adding fresh water to the plants yesterday when the lights cut on I used to not add any water inbetween changes what do you think?

should I cut these I only have 5ft of space

13 days from last pic

Where should I cut ? Is those tops going to be main colas if so should I cut everything 4 nodes down

How much longer you thinking I have until harvest I flipped around June 8th

You won’t be harvesting till Aug 10 to the 19 that’s a 8 week bloom and a 1 week flush if you stop on 10 but 17 might be better depending on what kind of high you want

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Thank you for helping me along this BD Grow

So start flush on 8.2.18 even if I’m using florakleen by GH in hydro?

Between 8/10/18 and 8/19/18 depending on the light you want now that is just a time to get rdy to harvest you still need to look at the tris or make sure 85% of the pistels are red and there should be very little white pistols