Does this look right so far

Bought some seeds through another seed place, 1st plant didn’t do so well. Got 18 or 20 inches high then went to auto. Now this little seed is really purple any thoughts

I had that happen to me once and cal-mag was suggested. It seemed to fix the problem.

But i do have on order from ILGM some seeds . Can’t wait for them… real seeds .

Colors are neat, as long as you’re feeding properly it may just be genetics. Might also grow out of it too.

Feeding it, 660pmm with the seeding nova settings, water temp 68, ph 5.8 to 6.0. One root was about an inch out of the rockwool before putting it into the clay stones with the top feed. . We will see. I have seeds coming from ivgm, some real gdp seeds i hope. I did do another seed the other night, and last night i stuck it in the wool , ill see if this one is purple too…

Yeah she didn’t make it. But . Put an order in with ILGM the 5th, 16th they are in my hand… wow. Cleaning the rig tonight and soaking the seeds Friday, im ready this time.