Opinions on how they look please

Hello ILGM fam. My latest grow had some problems early on. I think I may be past them. It’s been a week or so since and was hoping to get some constructive criticism on how they look.

These seeds came from a previous grow. The female was an auto flower and the male was a photo so not sure if any of the seeds are auto. I’m thinking yes because a couple of the plants have just blown up the past couple of days.

These 4 are 23 days and the second 3 are 19 days.

These are 19
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Need to give the bottom pictures a little more time to load before posting. Your first set of pics look really good!

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Sorry the site keeps kicking me off when it’s uploading. It’s annoying as hell. Those are not correct images.

These are 23 days

These are 19 days

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Did it delete my original post? I think it did.

So backgrounds the seeds mom was an auto and the father as a non auto. So some of the seeds should be auto from what I understand.

2 of the 4 that are 23 days old are twice the size of the the other two so I was wondering if they may be autos?

And the biggest question is do they look like they are the correct size for their age. I know there are variables like genetics but in general for 19 and 23 days do they look on track?

You’re good. Here in the next 3 weeks give or take, they’re gonna take off. Some just stay smaller, though, since they have a limited lifetime. The ruderalis makes them act a little funny.

Looking good , give more time .