What's y'all's thoughts on these?

I’m very new to this and would like opinions on whether these look okay for there age. Out of my first 4 planted I only had 2 that worked out and the other 2 where very stunted in growth. They looked healthy but just very very small and started to flower at about 4 inches tall. The are WW Autos from ILGM. Midway through week 6 from seedling.


I’ve only gone through one grow so far(4 auto plants) so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but I think those look very small for week 6. This was a picture from the start of my 6th week. Two at WW and two are Sour D, all from ilgm. I’m counting from the day I planted the germinated seeds

It looks like your light is pretty far away, but anyway… I can tell you that everyone here is going to want a lot more information
What type of soil?
What light?
What’s the lights distance and power setting?
Watering schedule?
Temp and RH?
pH of soil?
Etc… the more info the better!

Did they have a good childhood? I ask because some say autos flower early or are stunted because conditions are slightly adverse. Things like cold feet, over watered, underwatered, high or low temps, low humidity etc Others say it is more related to genetics and the ruderalis component is hyperactive.
My first plants were WWA. They grew vigorously no matter how much ignorance I imparted on them.


I would lower your light and givem all she has. Flowering so now just try to get the flowers fat. Her growth has stopped. Cannabis can take a LOT of light. Loves it. 2gal pots are small IMO. 3-5 for auto. 7 and up photo. Just me. Welcome to the forum.


Wonderful begining to life.
Its the power in the Magicians wand, not the lenght of the wand, that matters.
I grow short ladies and just trimmed my second best

Keep up the good work, Be vigalent and Good Growing to you!
Forum Support tiket available for sharing grow garden parameters.

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@beardless has it right about cold feet.
PNW Garage tents on 2 inch pink insulation board.
Garage temps 55-65 or lower now and seedlings are short, but beautiful.

Pictured ILGM-MauiWaui is 1month in picture.
Flowering female in 12 oclock background 4 months old and 6 incheby mother in planter, still.
Lung room unconfortably cold for me, w/o hat and jacket.

The two plants on the right side in the picture are my biggest ones and they are 9 1/2 and 10 and 1/2 in tall. I know this is not popular but I was naive and planted them in miracle-grove performance organic soil, potting soil. About 2 weeks ago I topped them off with about an inch and a half each of the fox farm Happy frog soil, and the two new ones that I just started I have completely in the Happy frog soil. My LED light is the Vivosun vs1000 and it is 24 in. from the top of the plants. I had lowered it to 15in for awhile but they started to look droopy and when I raised it they stopped drooping. I did not use any nutes until about a week ago and I am only feeding the one that was flowering. I’m using Tiger Bloom 1/2 strength of the recommended dose.

2 gal. Pots
Tap water that sits for 24 hours
Water Ph is 6.5
Temp 75-82F
Humidity 42-45 but higher just after watering.
4in. Intake/exhaust with filter
Oscillating fan
Tent 32x32x68

Welcome. Auto gals have their own agenda. Grow when and how they want. All unique. I only grew 1 auto and went back to photos. Photo easier imo.

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Look pretty small, and may not yield a lot. Here’s week 7 from breaking ground on mine.

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Those are about week 2 of flower and look to be starving for light. Lower the lighting some and adjust the intensity :love_you_gesture:


Jeez @DEEPDIVERDAVE you’re lucky. My lung room was dropping close to 35. Ugh it was horrendous. I’m sooo glad I finished last week. I have to redo everything because of how cold it got.

A work in progress, I assure you. But the $200 garden electric bill may cause me to close down.
Summer outdoors was “free”.
We will need an oil contained radient heater for the tents, if the 10/2 cans sustain garden life.

I insulated the garage, but the drafts still persist.

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Hair trigger (premature floweration lol)with autos is what leans a lot of growers to stick with photos. It’s nice to dictate to the plant that what & whens of the grow and not the other way around lol. Good luck. :+1:t2::green_heart::smile:

Yes, I am learning that very quickly! They all seem to have a mind of their own. Once I’m done with these seeds I am am going to photos for sure.

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1984 South Dakota 38-40, was 3-4hours HPS off in winter. We all would have died if power went out at -35 below.

Been seeing this a whole ton with ILGM white widow autos lately, unsure if they’re unstable or just some bad seeds going about, but I’m seeing quite a bit here, same things happening with a couple FastBuds strains recently also, really putting me off them a bit, but in all honesty, I’m an AVID auto lover! But I’m definitely gunna be growing photos more often now :pray:t2:

I was wondering about that because everyone that I have planted that did actually germinate has come out different than the others and not just by a little bit but different by a lot. One only got to about 3 in the other one’s only gotten to about 5 in after 6 weeks another one’s only gotten to 9 in tall and then I’ve got one that’s about 14 in now but not flowering and it’s going middle of the six week. The last one I talked about that’s about 14 in it’s just been in like pre-flower for a week and a half.

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That’s another thing I see with the ILGM white widow autos, a lot of the time they’re not actually auto and have required flipping to 12/12 to get it to flower, imho that shouldn’t happen, it’s the one single thing that puts me off ILGM autos, I really want the goldleaf though, but I don’t even think they ship to the uk unfortunately :tired_face:

That’s good info. I may have to try that with my one plant.

This is a ilgm ww auto. 7 weeks old. Havent had any issues