Bag seed grow, what do you think?

Hello guys I’m posting this to see what you think about this little organic grow. It’s a bag seed that I found on a OG bag that I have been growing in my living room. Honestly I’m just doing it for the fun while I wait for some ILGM super skunk and gold leaf seeds and the rest of my set up (lamps and such) so I’m just improvising with some led bulbs for now. She is 18 days old and I haven’t feed her with nutrients and such, just water.


Just a thought, could you move either the lights down or the plant up a little closer to the lights? How far are they now? It looks good brother, maybe a little stretching, but looks good none the less to me, I’m not an expert though, just imo


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Yeah you are right, Im keeping her about 20 inches from the light but when I took the picture I just watered the plant and I forgot to put it back on a little table that I’m using. I’m using her as a experiment wile I wait for my ILGM seeds. If I’m making mistakes I rather do it now since is a bag seed (if I get some buds from her that will be a plus, lol) I want to learn as much as I can before I start a big growing project :slight_smile: thank you!

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@Cocinero no problem, im a new grower as well, check out my journal, they are all bag seed, except for one sour diesel from ILGM. I have some autos coming soon and I can’t wait to start those, what kind of lights are you using? Looks like cfl and a couple led’s? Now this may not be coerect, but I often use the back of my hand, seeing how it is more sensitive. Place your hand under your lights and if you can place your hand under and it not get too hot, you can use that height if possible. If that makes any sense, just move you hand down till it feels comfortable. If it’s not too hot for your hand it’s not too hot for your plants.
@garrigan62, what would you say brother? You are more of an expert than myself haha

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His plants look awesome. Still checking on your’s by the way lol


Plant is looking good.

Looking good

Dude looking really nice @Cocinero keep up,the good job

This is how they are looking right now. I also did a little upgrade on the lamp. I got in my mail some super skunks ILGM seeds which I’m putting on water right now for further sprouting.


She is looking like this right now. Im bending her to the side and cropped some leaves to stimulate lower leaves growth and it seems to be working. I also planted 3 super skunks ILMG seeds which ill post in the journal site.

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I noticed some taco leaves. I can’t think real well right now for some reason, but @garrigan62 will have the answer for you.

Gotta figure out what’s going on with my brain today…

Yeah you are right, I think she is a little light stressed because I was testing a powerful lightbull that somebody gave to me but I put it too close and when I realized about that it was too late, yesterday she was looking a little uglier tho

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I was gonna say, it looks like heat from the lamp! As long as it is recovering now should be good. Plant is looking nice. Looks like you have a good grasp of the basics. Looking forward to seeing your Super Skunk grow.

This is a little update on how they look like right now. I took off the “training strap” and the new seeds are starting to grow. 100% germination successful. Thanks ILGM. I also bought a 1200w BestVa led light for The 482478 tent that I should get shipped by next week. Any thoughts on the light brand?


I don’t know anything about that brand, but it should do much better than what you have now.

Switching to the more powerful light, I would suggest starting the light a little high and work it down to avoid light stress.

Just an opinion…


Thank you, that’s the better way to avoid any harm. I learned that the bad way.

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