Do Grove Bags need room to breathe?

I have about 12 Grove Bags stacked tightly in the bottom of my safe. These were put up about a week ago, and all seems OK. The weed is holding it’s humidity great.
But would it be a good idea to separate the bags during the curing process for a couple weeks? It seems that this may help the bags with degassing the bad stuff. Sorry about the poor picture.


I am thinking your safe is petty air tight and the bags need to breathe to do their job if I understand the mechanics of how it works correctly…so stacking not a problem but in your safe maybe so

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My understanding is yes you must have “headroom” in all bags for them to function as designed. Not sure on the air tight safe but just call thier cus. Serv. # . They are easy and knowledgeable to talk to.

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I think it is best to let them breathe.

@HMGRWN @Audiofreak @Retiredoldguy, Thanks for your help. I agree the bags may need to breathe better. So I moved them to this cardboard box, and put it in a closet. I will leave them there until our next camping trip in two weeks. When the bags go back in the safe next time I will set them upright.

I really like the Grove Bags so far. They work much better in the camper than the glass jars, and also do a good job of containing the smell. I ran out of Grove Bags at the end of this last harvest. I had to finish with two quart jars, and chose not to use the rh packs in the jars this time. While the rh packs do a good job of keeping the weed at the desired moisture level. They seem to do this at the cost of a slight loss of taste and smell.


I forgot to ask this, can anyone tell a difference in the 58-62 rh bags compared to the regular ones? So far I can’t tell much difference in the two, but I have only been using them for about six months now.

I thought all Grove Bags were 58-62% Rh. Should be printed in the folds at the bottom.
If you mean regular ziplok bags, I think they leave a smell of their own and would allow mold to grow, long term. I would resort to mason jars instead.

@HMGRWN, sorry I was using the wrong term. I should be asking about a difference in the TerpLoc and the regular Grove Bags. You are correct both are stamped 58-62rh. The TerpLoc are flat black and regular ones are shiny.


I see the difference in them ie: flat black v shiny. Could be different somehow. Interesting topic for discussion. Maybe someone else has tried both? I’m with you though, they work great for me. I even re-use them as long as they aren’t compromised in any way.

The TerpLoc cost more, but their webpage doesn’t really describe the difference very well. I do know the TerpLoc has a little better zipper.

when I was buying my bags from the Grove web site it sent me to the terploc site to order…I thought it was just a site problem…my bags have Terploc powered by Grove bags written on them and list the grove bag web site…and I agree about the smell… I just took 2 grove bags on a 8 day road trip in my camper and never smelled anything until I opened the bag…gotta wonder how this technology works for sure but it does …My bags have the window on one side…do the ones with no window maybe have the different appearance

Yah u have to have space there for air just like udo with jars

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Yes they need headroom. And the manufacturer recommends storing in a well ventilated area.

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Hows ur grow going @Newt this how mine are stacking up

The first two are gorilla glue and the last pic is purple auto


Looking good. Here’s how mine are stacking:


Mate u been dipping ur flower in powdered sugar cause there frosty bro

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Mrs. Newt was making confections, so I just thought I’d sweeten things up a bit!


@Aussie_autos @Newt, looking good! You guys are getting close. Myself, I am damn glad that it will be at least 6 weeks before I will be trimming buds again. What a slow job!

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I’m not really that close. I’m on day 34 (since flip, 27 since flower) today, and that pic was from 2 days ago. I suspect I have 4 weeks left.

I have looked at the bags again, and my foggy memories of I have read about this started coming back. The shiny Grove Bags are more for growers that package and sell. These bags have zippers molded to the sides, and have a short flaps above the zipper that can heat sealed once and have the dotted line with the scissors sign.

The TerpLoc Bags are more for the individual grower. The top flaps are longer and can be heat sealed a couple of times. These bags have a pleated zipper molded inside of the top flaps, and are designed for multiple uses. They are easier to just get a bud or two out of.
The performance between the two seems to be the same as far as I can tell.
My next order will be for 1/2 and 1 once TerpLocs.