Do dry silica ammendements require watering at a lower ph?

I’m using ProMix HP with Gaia Green dry amendments and Montana Grow silica at a medium application rate and adjusting the water fed to the plant to a ph of 6.5.

I’m noticing what looks like the beginnings of ph issues on my plant. I’ve only used liquid form silica before this grow and know it drastically increases the ph, so I’m trying to figure out if I also need to compensate for that with dry silica? I’m thinking about watering at 6.2 for a while.

I can’t specifically answer your questions, but I can share that I use NPK Silica. I get great results with it and I only notice a tiny effect on the pH. I mix it in an hour before I add any other nutrients. It’s reasonably priced and widely available as well.


Appreciate your comment. The type of silica I’m using is mixed in with the soil and used for topdressing so I think it’s different than this which is water soluble.

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Npk Raw Silica is inert and doesnt affect pH. It can also be added in any mixing order.

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