DieselGRWR's first time grow!

Another newbie here, taking on my first grow and I’m super excited. A buddy of mine offloaded a bunch of his stuff on me for a decent deal, I’m still adding to it though.

Here’s a quick list of what I currently have;

(1) 2x4x5 ipower tent
(2) Spider Farmer SF1000 (smaller tent) lamp
(1) small desk fan for circulation
(1) warming mat with tstat
(1) clear tote for “green house” - helps keep humidity and warmth, it’s cold and dry
(1) 6" inline exhaust fan w/ carbon filter and ducting (not hooked up yet, waiting for flower)

I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff but that’s what I have set up now, have another vivosun 4x4x6 tent too with other goodies but I’m starting small.

I planted (2) Maui Wowie’s (photo) and (1) GG4 (auto), the maui’s are more for playing around with as he had a bunch of seeds to give me. The GG4 is my first real test run as I am looking to actually harvest this for fun.

Germination went great and everything got potted in 4" planters, I did make the mistake of over watering and moving them to the tent alittle quick as it’s chilly (mid 60’s) where the tent it in my basement so they stunted alittle but at day 14 I’m happy with them. Hoping for the best!

Any questions or advice let me know.


Welcome to the forum. Everything looks good. Be careful and avoid overwatering. Seedlings hate wet feet and overwatering is the most common cause of seedling loss. It’s best not to water at all and instead put a clear dome over the seedlings and mist inside the dome a couple of times each day. The seedlings can get all of the water they need from the humidity inside the dome.

The light is good for 1 plant. You are going to need more lighting to flower 3 plants. They need, in general, 200 watts of quality lighting per plant to get big, dense buds.


Thanks for the heads up, I did change my watering method. Letting them dry alot more before lightly misting the soil with a spray bottle then misting the cover. I haven’t watered in 2 days now other than misting the dome.

As far as the lighting I have (2) of the SF1000s in the tent, plan is to keep the maui’s under veg (photo) and let the GG4(auto) do it’s thing, are you saying I’ll need both lights just for the GG4? The maui’s are more of a long term project.

I could always set up the 4x4 I have and set up the 400w light I have when it gets closer to flower. Just trying to keep the growing space small to help with climate control. Basement is currently at 62F and 30-40%RH. I have to artificially bump that up inside the tent.


You’re on the right track, mate.


Welcome to the forum! Girls are looking nice and healthy.

I currently run a 2x2x4 tent for veg with a 150w Bestva that’s getting upgraded to the HLG 200RSpec.
Might need to run all three lights for the big tent when they outgrow the little one. Checking DLI will help you a bunch, a lot of people use the Photone app, believe it’s still free for android and $1 for the iPhone for the LED option.

Are you going to grow in soil the whole grow, and if so what type of soil and nutrients are you going to run?


If ive read correctly install the exhust fan in top of tent now and open a bottom vent for intake of fresh air. Filter can be put in when needed bit you need fresh air flow throughout grow. Good luck and welcome.


Welcome to the community good advice already given if it will fit you could put the 400 watt in as long as it has a dimmer also do you have Ph and PPM meters


Sorry for the long wait, I guess newbies only get so many posts per day. Had to wait 24 hours…

I downloaded the light app as you recommended, it’s still free on android! DLI is around 21.6. Light 24" @ 80%

Yeah, soil the entire grow. I have them in fox farm
happy frog currently. Debating on mixing with some ocean forest for the final 5gal potting bag…haven’t quite decided.

I think im going to just keep the auto in the happy frog, don’t want to get nuts as mistakes can be costly. Im running the same setup my buddy was and he had good success. Not looking for anything crazy right now, just trying to produce some useable product lol.

As far as nutrients, I’ll have to get back to you. I dont recall the exact brand, again, left over stuff from my buddy. I will be mixing worm casing with the soil, it seems from reading that helps supplement nitrogen that the happy frog is missing.

Just trying to focus on PH, lighting, temp/humidity right now and keeping them growing in the right direction…think it’s too early to move that GG4 into a bigger pot?



I have a ph off amazon. I tested it against my pool ph test on my well water. Seems to be right there with it.

I dont have a ppm meter, any recommendations?

I don’t have as much experience with autos, but from what I have learned you will want to transplant it when you start to see roots sticking out the bottom of the pot. @Graysin and @repins12 are big on autos and have a ton more experience than I do.

Almost try to go with Apera Instrumenta for ph/ppm meters. High quality, reliable, but more expensive.

I make my own soil, but after the GG4 is transplanted should be fine moving into a mix of the Happy Frog and Ocean Forest. That is what I see most people doing for final pots anyways.


Or sooner.

Get an Apera or BlueLab or Hanna pH meter. Ppm/tds pens can be cheapies.

Approach with caution, though. Fox Farms soils tend to have pH drift down over time, so you’ll want to water heavily and be prepared for a flush every 6 weeks or so.


Thanks for clarifying brother!
@DieselGRWR your in great hands with @Graysin !!!


Day 16 looks promising!

GG4 auto in the middle. Like I said, the 2 maui’s are expirements, they definitely need work.


Day 19, I did transplant my GG4 into a 5 gal fabric pot. Seems to be doing better, alot more growth! The bottom 2 true leaves are showing alittle yellowing in the veins but not the first set of true leaves or the growth. The DLI was high than i thought (33) so i turned that back down to around 22.

Both mauis are thriving in 1 gallon pots, they both have a beautiful dark green color to them. These are the photos so I’m not as concerned with growth speed.

The soil seemed dry all around so i hit those while covering them with a solo cup, i didnt go nuts.

I forgot to take pics but I’ll try and remember tomorrow, the current batch of maui I had from a buddy is kicking in so I don’t feel like going back downstairs :rofl:




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Growth on the GG4 (auto) looks great in the last 24 hours. Still some yellowing on the veins of the first set of leaves but new growth isn’t showing any.

DLI - 21.8~
Watered with 6.4PH w/ about 1/3 solo cup, seems alittle dry this morning.
77°-79° w/ RH around 55-60%

Anything I should change?

One of the leaves is alittle curled, anything i should look out for?

Still don’t have a tds meter. Or any other fancy equipment.

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Looks like shes growing along just fine. A key to a successful grow is patience especially in soil. Any changes you make can take a week to show improvement/disprovement lol. I grow using Coast of Maine. One huge mistake i made this grow was using a dechlorination supplement which totally tanked my ph, locked me out, and im on week 2 of correcting issues. If you are using tap, set it out for about 24 hours to allow most of th4e chlorine to evaporate. Believe it or not our girls need a taste of chlorine in their nute regimine. Ya learn something everyday. Keep hanging around and youll learn a ton about how to grow, upkeep, and maximize your yields in all kinds of mediums. Welcome to the forum where you’re treated like family. No question is stupid. We are all here to help each other.


Thanks, I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible while still getting alittle deeper into it, if that makes sense. Next year I’ll probably double my efforts. I just want to make sure I’m successful before investing too much $ but it seems like I’m in the right place!

How do you like coast of maine? I was thinking about trying that or FFSF with my next grow. Not sure if they’ll be autos or photos yet. Im running both currently just to see which I like better. The autos stress me alittle cause I know any miner mistakes are not forgiving. Patientience is the hardest thing with this hobby and I’m a very patirnt person lol



I like Coast of Maine Stonington blend because its not “HOT” like some of the FF is. I use COM seedling starter and then transplant into 5 gallon pots and never had issues until i steered away from my normal routine. Thats part of experimenting right? My 2nd choice of soil would be Sohum. Btw, i carried an auto from seed to harvest in a 10 gal pot with COM


How did it do in a 10gallon? I’d be curious to see if you got a better yield. Before my buddy stopped growing he said that was going to be his next step.

Ill have to check out sohum, never heard of it, I try to buy local so I’m somewhat limited but alot of the time all you have to do is ask and you’d be surprised what local stores carry. Can’t buy it if you dont know what you’re looking for.

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