Roll Call for ALL Growers! This means you!

Yeah it’s an awesome technique, I got some good results on my first grow with it, especially considering I’m still a newbie. Gets a bit crowded with 3 plants, but that’s where defoliation comes in handy to help with airflow and overlapping leaves.

Cool cannabis lion btw :wink:




It is a shame they closed. The nute line the company had I just loved. The lights cut a couple weeks off my grows. The spectrum is awesome.


Yeah, it truly is :frowning: I wanted to try their Earth Dust too, saw some absolutely beautiful grows that MeEasy pulled off with them.

I had read that the ES cuts a bit of the grow time, but it’s my first light so I have nothing to compare it to really. Overall, very happy with the lights though, plants get full of trichomes, so they’re surely doing their job well :blush:


Add silica blast I suggest @MagicCultivator420 . These lights and the extra silica just cover my flowers with frost.


Yep, I give them AN’s version of it called Rhino Skin, seems to work well:

She’s getting the chop tomorrow.

Sorry for hijacking the thread everyone.


CraigS New Jersey, very new. Excites about getting this far, but researching next step and when to take them. Started 4 weeks ago and here I am.


Open thread so hard to hijack IMO grin. Welcome @CraigS .


I myself had problems with other chemicals in my past life. I am a new person now and growing this stuff really helps with my PTSD and depression.


Welcome to the community!


I’m @Blaze_Up_Ahab
I’m a new grower
Grow medium: Soil indoor
Special Techniques: Hoping to learn some from y’all
Location: MN

3’ x 3’ tent

VERY interested in hearing from others who live in the north. I’m curious about winter growing. I have a space I can use safely but am unsure about how warm I need the room to be.


I started my first grow this passed winter. Here’s my first journal. May be something useful for you. If you have any specific questions feel free to @ me either here or in my journal.

To make it short, you’ll need an inkbird controller, small heater and a humidifier.



Thank you, @DieselGRWR !!! I’m going to dig into your journal.

First grow 82 - took a long vacation from 1987 until 2005, been growing again with all of the new tech for 2 years
Soil grower - Happy-Ocean-Coco loco mix all by FoxFarms
I am a transplanter so no feeding until flower - during flower I use Mother Earth 2-4-4 and Alaska Bloom 0-10-10. Cal/Mag and molasses as needed.
Indoor grow in a not quite 4x4 tent with HLG 350R and HLG UVA
Photos as I like to control stuff
Training methods: LST, topping, quad and mainlines & SCROG
Unapproved training methods: Splitting the main after topping, tearing off nodes from tying down too much and breaking stems when supercropping
At harvest, I do a full bud wash and dry/cure and cure in Grove bags.
Here is my latest - Acapulco Gold from Seedsman


I’m also a northern-experienced grower, so if you find a tough time in the winter, lemme know, can help. :snowflake: :fire: :slight_smile:


What yal think about my purple punch


I’m @HobbyDobby .(The person that made the post about making gummies that one time)

70% Happy Frog / 20% Worm Castings / 10% pearlite
Gaia Green Dry amendments | Recharge + BSM once a week
Dechlorinated water at a ph of 6.0ish
Growing 3 years | Mr Canucks Method (mostly)


@Slug_Life. “All present and accounted for!”

“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most…” (ozzy)
Tupac made “Thug Life” famous. A bunch of us Banana Slugs ran in the opposite direction. :rofl:
(UCSC 89-94).
Grow op is called THUNDERDOME. Fitting, considering the neglect,arid,and cut-throat ambience :rofl: Can…you…dig…it!!:+1:

Started indoor. Approximately 2002. DWC and Hydro. Then coco. Then soil. Did the HID lights. 400,600,1K. Did the synthetic nute thing.
Learned how to clone. Tried out mainlining. Bred and made seeds.
Got a house. Outdoor only. Experimented with Super-Soil, and several different soil vendors. Stuck right now with Recipe 420 I bought years ago.(4)
Evolved to living soil. Dry nutes for me now. Cover crops during the grow, Cover crops in off-season. Seldom tea making, maybe once a season or twice. I primarily use Build A Soil products. Coconut water and Aloe Vera Flakes diluted in H20 weekly. I still make my own compost and fertilize it in the off-season.
Started with manual watering. Then evolved into rain bird irrigation system. Game changer for me.

Started with plastic pots. Moved to grow bags. 25g seems to be the perfect size for me now. I have a fence and nosy neighbors,so my fingers are crossed :crossed_fingers:
Been reading and doing research on other sites back to '04. Even an old member (shout-out to anyone who was also!)

Buying seeds is an addiction. I had to curb that habit.
Been on the site since 2019. Everyone here is nice and passionate about our shared hobby.:facepunch:
Shout-out to all my fellow Veterans on this site.:facepunch::+1:

@TransplantedFarmgirl Happy Canna-versary!:birthday::clap::clap:

SL out.


thanks for the shout out!!!


Very nice I’m growing one myself…

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