Did I over water?

So I’ve been watering my autoflower super skunk every 3-4 days with DE chlorinated tap water with a pH level of around 6.3. I water just until I start getting run off and then stop. I’m using happy frog soil in 1.5 gallon pots. They are approx 4 weeks old and I have not added any nutes yet. It’s in a 2x2 grow tent with a glixer 1000 watt led light with both switches on. I’m doing 18/6 light cycle. The Temps are around 78-80 degrees with a rh of around 40%.
This is my first grow and everything was going good. It’s been 4 days since I last watered and the leaves started to look very droopy and starting to yellow. I was planning on watering today but I feel like it’s over watered. Not sure if I messed it up or if it can recover
Here are some pictures.

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5 days ago before I watered she looked like this

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hard to tell with those top down pics but are the stems on the fan leaves also droopy or are the stems pointed upwards and firm? if they are droopy im prety sure they are thirsty if you dont have any root rot issues causing it. if the stems are firm then id say overwatered.

im a beginner getting close to my first harvest but i have had to deal a little with over and underwater threw out my first grow. i have a pretty airy soil mix and my plants will droop if i dont water every 2 days. im also in 5 gallon pots.
Good luck i hope she recovers for you.


It will be fine you want to wait until it gets nice and dry (feels light when you pick it up) then water it then just repeat that cycle

Your new growth looks good so she should recover
I’ve seen worse

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Looking closely at the second to last pic… yes, you did overwater. The stem is white and skinny at the base. I would add more soil to the pot and try to get new root growth out of that area to try and strengthen the plant


I thought the root looked a little funky. So I’ll add some more soil and be very light with my watering and hope for th best.
Thank you everyone for your help!!!


Welcome to the forum community. Glad they got you sorted :slight_smile: Happy Growing

So it’s been 5 days since I watered and they are looking worse. Is there something I should be doing to help them out? The pot still feels pretty heavy and my moisture meter is saying it’s still moist.

I don’t know how much I’d trust a moisture meter personally

If it were me I’d water-to run off. I know everyone said it was overwatering and I’m not saying your initial problem wasn’t that, but she looks thirsty to me

Wait for other opinions to either confirm my thoughts or maybe someone else will have a different opinion on it

Oh and pick those yellow leaves off, they are toast and won’t repair themselves

The new growth is all that matters, that old damaged growth just saps resources from the healthy bits

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You got some horrible advise my friend. If you know what to look for its pretty easy to sell when a plant is uver or under watered. I could tell right away your plant is under watered and hungry.

Water and feed that poor thing asap! Everybody always wants to look at how the plant is drooping to decide if its over or under watered which sometimes works. However if you look at the leaves you can tell right away. When a plant is overwatered the leaves appear thick and sometimes slightly swollen. When a plant is under watered the leaves look thin and lifeless and go limp right where the stem ends if left go to long.

Don’t water your plants on a schedule like ever 3 to 4 days. You need to water them when the container is light weight and the leaves start to fall.

Take a pic of a plant (the same plant) everyday between waterings. After a few days compare the pick like a sideshow and you will see the leaves slowly drop. One day they will be praying , the next day not as much, the next day then even lower. Once they are about parallel…

So you guys would advise to water a “pretty heavy” pot that also reads moist on a moisture meter?

The moisture meter is the only part of those 3 in 1 probe things that actually work LOL.

Other than the watering issue, your plants are hungry, the Happy Frog is out of nutes and you will need to feed it at next watering opportunity, hope you got some nutes lined up and ready to go.


Your top leaves look like classic over watered but those lowers are really drying up. Are you absolutely certain your pot still feels heavy?

I compared the weight to a plant I watered yesterday and this plant feels heavier.


If they looked like this 5 days ago before watering im finding it incredibly difficult to believe your plants look the way they do now from overwatering 5 days ago.
I might all alone on this one but without being able to actually pick up that pot myself I guess I can’t be 100%

I’m planning on feeding them my next watering.

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Well if your plant is just as heavy as the plants next to it then completely disregard my previous post. I’ve never seen an over watered plant have such thin floppy leaves in my life.

Never water a heavy pot (unless you’re in coco).

The difference in over watering and under watering can be very hard to tell in a picture.

This plant is drooping but not wilted as the leaf stems are not pointing down yet. Wilting happens to a under watered plant, it’s not at that stage yet to the point of wilting, so it’s not that dry.

If I saw any wilting then I’d say water it immediately but that is not the case here.


hate to even bug you @Hellraiser , it’s why i DIDN’T tag your originally because i feel SO MANY tag you and you probably spend more time on here ANSWERING folks than conducting your OWN business…could you please, if you have time take a look at my last post on my journal thread? I hope i didn’t just “kill” Zoey Zkittlez in how i took clones but also looking for confirmation on whether i have an air shortage for hardiness? Post is here: Virginian’s Grow Journal What did I do? LOL - #583 by TheVirginian

Go look at the initial post, second picture from the bottom and look at the stem rot. He overwatered early on and caused stem rot.

@Jacolu3 i would feed that plant, but be careful not to water around the base of the stem. Stick to the edges best you can. You can also remove those yellow leaves :v::bear:

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