Need help understanding what's going on

I need help understanding why thus is happening.

Soil-for farm happy frog
Age-16 days old since popped through soil
ph-6.5 to 6.8
Plants- pure indica and granddaddy purple autoflowers
Lights viper spector p2500 set 28 inch above 18/6 is the light schedule
Ventilation- ac infinity 4 inch inline fan
Temps- 77 to 80 degrees
RH- 50 to 60%

So the leaves have started to drop about 3 days ago.
I haven’t water since thinking I over watered
The soil is still moist about a inch down. I talked to several ppl who are stumped as to what @Borderryan22 said for me to create a new topic as he was the one who usually answered most of my question thank you very much for that also! Please someone explain to me at this age I thought I would see more growth. It is still continuing to grow new leafs but whe just doesn’t look healthy any advice or steps do next would be great!

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Looks like u over watered


@UDumbDuck I haven’t watered for 3 days now thou and it’s just progressively got worse

Let em dry out real good before feeding again. Really dry. Wet/dry cycle!

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Definitely will need to feed on next watering. Happy Frog has almost 0 nutrients. I usually mix Happy frog with a little bit of ocean forest. OF is too hot for seedlings, but mixed with Happy frog, seems to do well