Detergent to Wash Grow Bags

What detergent do I need to do a load of 3, 5, 7 gal. bags at the laundry mat?
Do I need to re-rinse them when i get home?

Just dont want to ruin any flowers.

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There is many opinions and methods/recipes ,if you will …I use water, white vinegar and baking soda maybe a lil soap…I soak them in a bucket for a while then into the washer …This gets all the white salt build up that’s usually on the outside of the fabric pots …I like an extra rinse just for good measure…Then I hang dry the pots…
Many users have different methods…It all depends on what works for you.


Perfect. I’ll do that at home - got all the supplies on that list. Thanks.


When I reuse them I just wash them with my regular Tide Pods, but I use the extra rinse cycle to make sure there’s nothing left in them. Then I dry them on very low heat. I’ve never had any issues or problems.