Desk lamp grow?

Will a regular desk lamp with an led bulb provide enough light to grow a plant by?

Marijuana is easy to grow…it’s a weed, after all, right?
Put some bag seeds in dirt, some sprout, they grow, you harvest, dry, and smoke.
In your mind, you see buds like a “High Times” centerfold.

But in reality, you get stems dying… tall, leggy plants… thin, airy buds.

Growing pot is easy, growing quality cannabis takes a commitment. Lots of direct sun. Read everything, then re-read it cause the first time you read it, you’ll realize it has a language specific for growing. The plant responds with care, nutrients, an investment of time and money.

Or not, cause growing pot is easy.


Sooooo you didnt answer my question. Im aware that growing a plant isnt terribly hard, and that in order to grow something good you need to put in the effort. I just want to know if I can grow a single plant with a basic lamp and LED light bulb.

A direct answer to your question might be a very very small plant, as I suspect such a light has very little wattage and therefore very little lumens or PAR.

You need pretty much about 50 watts (actual watts, not equivalent watts) of light per square foot, most desk lamps don’t come anywhere near this amount.


A small plant, house plant size…yes

oops, put your trust in MacGyverStoner

@kabongster, maybe, but we don’t even know much about the light yet. I might say a very very small house plant size.


Thank you both

Try your light, watch your plant grow, see what works for you and it

The plant does need alotta light to mature to its full potential, but you should still have fun growing, and learning more, as you both progress.

This set up cost about 30 I bought some cheap clip on lamps and cfl bulbs to start…I have a large cardboard box that will be ready as soon as I get my fans and cut them in to siz


nice, i have a washer box set up. With a clone room on top… :grinning:

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I got this at Lowe’s $10 .

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just a little educational video


Thx bro this definitely helps me see my next set up. :grin: awesome vid!

That’s awesome bro

How’s your vents set up and do you contain smell well?

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Coffee can on right is intake, best to have on very bottom.

Fan inside exhausting out the very top. I have moved it sense then because of clone room on top. This worked good for exhausting heat.

Soon as i get a dresser the wife said i could have the whole closet.

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I used what ever cfl bulb i found around the house to start. Have fun with it man :grinning::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:

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:joy:that’s awesome man

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Bought a box today and painted the inside white

Dropped a couple lights in it and posted a fan at the bottom

Wdy think @JJjj.chronic.clones

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