Incandescent, fluorescent or HPS to light small marijuana grow room?

Incandescent fluorescent hps marijuana grow lightsI’m working with a small space (about 18’ x 24’) and I’m trying to grow some marijuana plants in there. I have a 75-watt incandescent bulb and a 15-watt desk lamp for a total of 90 watts ( or 30 watts per square foot). I’m also using small fans from old computers for circulation and ventilation. I’m hoping to put Mylar on all the walls to augment the light. Is it advisable to use another light? Someone told me that I can find a HPS 70-watt model. What’s your advice?

Using an incandescent bulb is highly inefficient as a light source. A fluorescent light is more efficient, but not as good as a high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp. Your marijuana garden could feasibly be lit by a 100-watt HPS lamp, which will produce considerably more light than what you’ve got now. You can find these lights at indoor garden shops. If you wanted, you could even use two smaller watt HPS lamps. You can find these in hardware stores marketed as outdoor security lights. You might also think of using two 105-watt compact fluorescent lamps. These lights can be screwed into conventional incandescent sockets, and the warm-white spectrum bulbs will adequately get your garden through the vegetative and flowering stages.


Don’t forget about the new LED Grow Lights. They are quite awesome.
I did an experiment with one marijuana plant in the closet under a 150w LED, and it produced lots of dense hard nugs in 65 days of flowering… in fact, those buds are still hang drying and it looks like two ounces of product…