How to setup a small marijuana garden?

I’m thinking of growing marijuana in a 2’6” x 4’ closet that is 6 feet in height. What kind of lights or hydroponic systems would you recommend? Or is soil preferable in this space? Do you know if Emily’s Garden works?

Your marijuana garden is just little over 10 square feet in total area. It would be fine to use either a 400- or 600-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp. The 400-watt lamp would give you an input of around 40 watts per square foot (psf), while the 600 would provide 60 watts psf. The higher wattage lamp will give you better marijuana buds (more potency) and about 50% more of them.

When working with such a small amount of marijuana plants, I would recommend either a hand-watered (or wick system-watered) planting mix, or a recirculating system using hydrostones (baked clay pellets) as the medium. All of these options are easy to set up and maintain and will produce larger yield.

Emily’s Garden system is effective for growing marijuana and easy to construct. It has a tray with sides that are about 6 inches high. You place 6-inch planting containers (preferably square) in the tray in rows adjacent to one another. They are tilled with grow rocks and water is placed in the container at a level of two inches. Then, the reservoir hydro-garden is totally ready. Keep the water level stable by adding solution as required (which may be daily). This system is highly effective, but the addition of a small pump and a dripper or constant flow of water will increase growth size and yield potential.