What Lights For A Medium Size Marijuana Garden

Cannabis lights medium size gardenI’m attempting to grow marijuana in a space that’s 4’ x 4’ and 5 feet tall, and I’m looking for some tips. What kind of lights should I use in that space? What amount of marijuana plants can I grow? How high of a yield should I anticipate?

Your marijuana grow area is 16 square feet total. Cannabis thrives on a diet of high intensity light. If you have an electrical input of 50 to 70 watts per square foot (psf) of high pressure sodium (HPS) light, it will produce the intense light rays required for increased growth rates and flowering. A 1,000-watt lamp placed over a 16 square foot area as an input of 62.5 watts psf, which is the perfect size lamp for your marijuana grow space. Put the light on a 2- or 3- foot track light mover. Make use of an air-cooled light system so the marijuana plants can grow closer to the light without burning. For a planting medium, use a shallow container like rock-wool slab in a tray or a tray of horticultural clay pebbles. The marijuana plants should be low growing indica varieties that branch out adequately, but stay below 3 feet in height. Once the plants have reached a height of 12 to 20 inches, place them in flowering.


I would suggest a 600 watt MH light for veg and a 1000 watt HPS for flowering. When I was growing in an area roughly that size, I could produce about a pound quite regularly. Do some research on super cropping techniques. Play around and find out what works best for your strain. Also take good notes during your grow, by the time you have dried your buds it is hard to remember what you did that raised or lowered your yield. Try to keep your changes to 1 thing per grow. This is the only way to know if that change mattered.

Now for a fun experiment. MONSTER CROPPING If you haven’t tried it, everyone should. This is done by taking clones during the flower cycle. I take clones from the inside of the plant under the canopy. These are parts of the plant that doesn’t produce quality buds. Take the cutting between 17-21 days into flowering from a small branch with a bud on it. These are the inside stems that I would normally thin out and throw out anyway. Root the clone and put back in veg room. As a survival mechanism this clone is trying its hardest to insure reproduction thinking it is on its last chance. You will be amazed how many shoots this little guy will put out. I have had one plant fill a 4x4x7 tent. Instead or trying to expand on grow sites you will probably find yourself needing to thin this plant out. The down side is there is a chance the plant will go hermaphrodite, but I have never had that happen to me.

Good luck, happy growing

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Enjoy the growing experience