Best Lights for a medium size marijuana garden?

I’m trying to fit my marijuana garden into a space of 5’ x 4’ x 7’ (a total of 20 square foot). I want to use at least 40 watts per square foot (psf). Do you have any suggestion on what I should use?

You could use a 1,000-watt lamp, which would produce 50 watts per square foot (psf). You could also use two or three 400-watt lamps, which would ultimately produce 800 or 1,200 watts—exactly 40 or 60 watts psf.


hi name is blair I have a room x4.5 x8 high I plan on using 1 1000 mh with vented hood I have been told to only put 4 plants for 1 light seems like a lot of light for the small plants it does not seem to be tomany seeds for bigger plants thank you

Hey Blair
Remember the plants don’t stay small.
I don’t judge the number of plants by the light used. For example I can grow 1 plant in a 4x4x7 tent and fill the tent with that plant alone. I can yield approximately 1 pound with that plant using SCROG technique. On the other extreme, I can have 24 plants in the same tent using a SOG technique and yield about 3/4 pound.
What really matters is that you have quality light for your plants. A rule of thumb for me is 1000 watts of light for 1 square meter of floor space. that will give you plenty of light if your plants are maintained properly.