Need small Lamp n grow bulb

Can you please help! Been looking all over and can’t seem to find a fixable desk/office lamp that has right wattage for grow bulb. I’m just looking for a cheap combo for one plant to get a seedling strong to 6 inches tall. Please list/send/link any suggestions for single grow bulb or flexible single bulb lamp. TYVM!!


I bought one similar to this. It does fine starting veg and flower seeds. I did have to use it on some seedings. Have to watch for stretching.

I was hoping to find a light strong enough to avoid stretching and make a strong 6inch plant for transplanting out doors. Weak seedlings get killed by super dry n hot environment in dessert

Ty Caligurl! That desk lamp looks perfect but would a 8 watt light even work? My problem was finding a desk lamp that could handle a higher watt bulb bc I thought 8 watts would just make a weak stretchy plant…?

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You can find lights just like that with different wattages… seedlings don’t need too much and those bulbs don’t get too hot so they can be fairly close.

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