Please Recommend a Budget light/lamp for Auto Seedlings prior to Transplant Outside

Hello All. Total Newbie here. I just started my first indoor auto flower seedlings on a whim. They are way too stretchy. I suspect the cause of my issue is not enough light. Can anyone recommend a basic simple grow light to use that is powerful enough for 1-3 seedlings before moving them outside. Currently I’m using miracle grow bulb i had lying around. The stats are as follows:

Miracle LED® Ultra Grow Light Bulb

  • Full-spectrum light is great for houseplants and indoor gardens
  • 5" L x 3" W
  • 12 watts
  • Color temperature is 5000K
  • E26/E27 screw-in base fits standard sockets
  • 20,000 hours estimated lifespan

Clearly, its not powerful enough to prevent stretching. I just need a powerful light/lamp/bulb for the seedling phase before transporting outdoor. I see pot in a pot has a light/lamp but its about $170 and seems to cover only one plant. In other words overkill here. In my case i just need it for the seedling phase. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have a bunch of florescent lamps in my space which would ideal but they are T5 size and only use one foot/12 inch bulbs and i don’t think anyone makes a one foot T5 bulb.


An hlg65 is a great choice at 99$

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Id have to 2nd this or even the HLG 100V2 3K is about $150 and can almost flower a small plant also can also check out the slider farmer sf1000 hell even a mars hydro ts600 would be useful and its on sale on Amazon for like $76

Just for seedlings if I understand, this is something like I use to get em on a budget just my 2 pennies


Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify the post above. I don’t think anyone makes a one foot size T5 GROW Bulb.

Which raises the question, would bunch of these standard t5 fluorescants work? Basic research seems its doubtful as they don’t have the correct spectrum.

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I second the CFL bulb for one seedling. Works well for a week or so.

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T5 can definitely work i kept a clone under a t5 in my closet for almost a month before my entire set up was here and set up she grew slow but she never stretched surprisingly

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