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If y’all could helpI need simple answers on budget lighting, what works best for the money. Would like to stick to LED because on no vent system. As far as how close at what stages. And how much with out burning. I Have plywood 5×4 over 6 seedlings. Using individual e27 (regular light sockets) with a total of 20 available and spaced out accordingly. DIY with out saying lol.
Just NEED a little help. They are 40in above the seedlings . 3 Blue 60w grow bulbs, 4 100w “daylight lights”.

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Thanks for everything!

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Hi! Welcome.

If I understand correctly, you just want a sanity check on your setup, right?

Compact Fluorescents will work, but they need to be close (2-4”). I can’t remember what color temperature you want. I suppose you can use LED conversion bulbs with the covers removed and more space between lamp and canopy.

Any sort of incandescent bulb needs to go.

I use the 89.99 led 2000 watt from Amazon

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I don’t think they’re looking for an entirely new setup. I’m gonna point out, because you presented this as a 2000 watt LED, that the manufacturer is lying. They have 240 LED chips in that unit, driven at less than a watt per chip. The chips are technically 8-10 watt rated, but they’d burn out quickly at that wattage. In actuality, your light has about 200 watts going towards light and some amount driving fans.

I’m not calling you out. You’ve been misled like the rest of us. It’s important that we stop perpetuating the shady import generic light marketing. Obviously they can grow cannabis, but really your light is only sufficient for a 2’x2’ canopy.

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Thanks bro. I just know I grow some kick butt MJ with them, I use 1 light per plant. I am sure you are 100 percent correct but for a cheap way to grow killer MJ this is it for me.


Specifically could you recommend individual bulbs to fill my panel? Also how much I need to bump up from seedling, veg and flower phases. Wattage wise. Also, not opposed to getting some kind of easy hang and go lighting. DIY is not out of the question. For your first grow what would you have done?

That’s crazy is every leaf gone except around the buds??

On a tight budget, back in the 90s I purchased a single HPS ballast and bulb. Today, if I hypothetically was starting cold, I’d end up buying an import light off amazon.

I think if you look at the total cost of all those sockets and bulbs, you’ll find it exceeds the cost of some entry-level moderately efficient LED lamps. The Mars Hydro TS 1000w (only 150w in actuality) is a reasonable light that will flower 2’x2’ efficiently for $130 delivered. The HLG lights can’t be beat as far as grams per watt, and they’re affordable in my opinion. At this point, my next lights will either be HLG r-spec lights or custom-built. If money was tight, I’d use a combination of HPS and MH lights, which are extra affordable initially. They aren’t even that inefficient in terms of electrical consumption.

I’ll let someone else like @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 or @MattyBear tell you want CFL temperature is best. I don’t think there’s a risk you could have too many or that they could be too close.


Mid 70s to low 80’s is typically what I recommend temps at


3000k for seed to harvest. 4000k - 8000k for veg only. @3rd_Coast_Bud you happen to be in the Great Lakes state?

My main question would be what your ambient climate is? If you are in the great North, HPS/MH would be king if only to provide needed heat. If in Florida then LED’s would be my choice.

The bulk of the crop of LED’s out there (Amazon) are misrepresented by the manufacturer to the point I think is criminal. The thing you will have to decide on is how much money you want to spend and how much money do you want to continue to pay. Here’s what I mean:

MH/HPS and Amazon ‘Blurple’ lights really require 50 watts of power from the wall (not what the manufacturer says it is) per square foot to flower a given space properly. High end LED’s are close to double the cost of the above but run at almost half of the power needed to do the job (25 to 35 watts/square foot). That obviously translates into a lower electrical bill and lower demand on your sub-panel.


That’s crazy ! Harvest must be a piece of cake. Nice job! @acort

Slightly north of the equator… humid 80%
105 in summer and 30 in winter… hottest and coldest

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I would probably shy away from MH/HPS then. I live in a similar climate and grow in the garage which can make it challenging at times.

Welp let’s just say mine will not be saw.

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Unless you’re living in New England …image