Defoliation in late flowering?

I’ve been defoliating and pruning as these have grown. My last major one was week 2 of flowering. These white widows are now in week 6 of flowering and I was wonder if I should get rid of more leaves. I’ve read differing opinions on this.


The reason is that buds need light to grow. If leafs are covering those pistles mbud sights they just don’t grow.


How much would be appropriate to cut off?


Is it an auto or photo?
Are you in soil? Or a soil less medium?
These two factors matter.

To be honest it’s a bit of an Art.

The first thing most of us do is clear the bottom branches to ensure good airfloor below. Clean the bottom up. Then stand over the plant as if you are the light and see what leafs are covering bud sites.


Yeah it’s a photo in soil, outdoors

So photos can take more stress but soil plants can take less stress.
You should be fairly safe though.

It’s hard to explain but if you give me a level side shot and a shot from directly over top I can show you.
So upload those two pics and I’ll show you how to kick it off.


Here’s a top and side shot. Thanks for looking!

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