Defoilate or no?

So just now starting in flower. The tall plant has had no trimming. The bushier of the two I topped and I attempted some LST. My question is should I trim any of the larger fan leaves? Some on the taller plant are clearly covering buds/bud sites preventing light

Upload some pictures for us in natural light.


I do and my real life growing mentor does… As long as you don’t go crazy it can definitely be beneficial.

Unless I have a specific training plan in mind that calls for early cutting/pruning, I don’t usually defoliate until they’re a little farther into flower than that, unless a leaf is damaged or directly interfering with a bud. As the buds get bigger it will be clearer which leaves need to go. I just did my final and biggest defoliation on my auto that’s 34 days into flowering, last night.

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I really don’t have an answer about removing leaves but I am curious what you are growing and are the 2 the same strain?
You topped one but not the other. Experimenting?
IMO, I may be wrong, but with a one colas plant I don’t think there is a lot of need to remove a lot of leaves. You can move and tie off the larger upper level ones. The leaves on the very bottom, bottom two nodes or so, you can remove the ones from the interior.
I would be thinking about eventually supporting the buds. Also, lifting the short one. It will be a foot lower below the light than the tall one.

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Are these being grown under lights or solar power?
I would remove many of the interior bud sites and leave the tip colas and maybe 3 sites below each tip cola. The buds closer to the main stem never amount to much and just take energy from the tip buds. The plants appear to be quite stretched so light is getting into those lower leaves, they do make food and act as a resource for nutrients during flower so if they aren’t in the dark and you have good air flow, there is little reason to remove them other than being yellow or dead.

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This definitely is experimental as I have 0 experience growing. Genetics unknown, this is just some bag seed. I started 4 in intervals so I could watch the development and get a feel for what the next plant would do based off its elders. That being said, first two grew balls sadly. I was just excited to see the pistils on these plants. I do typically have the topped shorter plant sitting on a taller bucket to be close in height to the other plant

At first I was indoor/outdoor. I would put them out in the morning and in at night with supplemental light. It was suggested that I not do that so now they stay in the tent. I have a diy light setup that is definitely not sufficient but I am waiting on a hlg 260xl that should be here any day now

There’s nothing wrong with a combo indoor/outdoor grow. Especially if your lights aren’t great. It’s just not the most convenient thing in the world once they get big enough to be a pain to move. Just keep a close eye on them for heat stress, if you live in a hot climate and check them often for bugs.

All of my girls are combo grow at the moment.

Yes it definitely got to be a chore …I didn’t sign up for that lol. It was recommended to me to not do it because it created drastic environmental changes and could stunt the growth of the plant. As I said I have no experience so just trying to follow advice from others that do

The only time I’ve noticed stress from it was when I screwed up and took them from the air conditioned house (68°F) to outside after the sun was well up in the sky and the temp was already in the high 80s. :man_facepalming: As long as you put them out early so they can adjust to the temp slowly they should be fine.

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