Should I trim this plant

Hello I see everyone’s plants on YouTube and they are all nice and clean. Mine I thought I had under control. This is not under control though. Do I need to remove some growth? I have these buds growing off the sides of the main stems. Should they be removed?


You want to defoliate ur plant just remove leaves that are blocking bud sites and have u lollipopped ur plant


Defoliation is a subject that is debated here often. There’s a lot of different opinions about how much. During Veg I tend to leave most leaves. I lollipop them right before flipping to flower. I then do a heavy defoliation approximately 3 weeks after flipping lights. So I believe you should remove the larger fan leaves for sure.


The small stems coming off the main stems are the ones I’m really asking about. I circled them here. They are under the main cola. I circled the tops in the other photo

I’d remove the fan leaves above them. Those buds have developed into a decent size.

Honestly, I’d remove any leaves that have stems longer than a inch or so.

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I second that from @Bulldognuts . Clearing out will help out quite a bit. Better airflow, more light covering smaller buds, and an overall prettier plant.

I defoliate once in veg, then 2-3 times during early to mid flower (about 16 days apart and depends on strain), then leave for final push.

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You mean leave the buds and just remove the leaves above blocking light?

Don’t you want as many leaves as possible on the plant? I imagine the more leaves it has the more light it can take in. Giving it more energy? That is a question not a statement.

In veg I let my ladies grow crazy but in flower I keep them naked per say. Here is my current flower tent at 7.5 weeks. I try to get rid of all the big leaves and then a majority of anything that isn’t a sugar leaf but you have to do it day by day not all at once otherwise you’ll stress them too much

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Do the fan leaves not provide the plant with the ability to take in more light to convert to energy? That’s where it’s confusing to me. My head is telling me to leave as many as possible on?


Your guess is as good as mine i didn’t look into it that much but this is what I was told to do from the beginning my 1st grow and I’ve always stuck with it. I probably trim more than I should but I’ve never stressed my ladies out too much by doing so