Can I still trim leaves during week 3 of flower?

Good morning everyone,

Am I still able to do light defoliation of leaves that are blocking bud spots? Due to poor growing conditions early in the grow, this auto flower was heavily stunted, and is now extremely compact/bushy. A lot of bud spots are being blocked of light. As long as I don’t go overboard, am I able to keep up with them by trimming leaves that are blocking bud sites? Or will these buds still grow even if they don’t receive light? Should I rotate my plant 180 degrees every 24 hours or will that not make a difference since the light is right above it? I think I have about 3-4 weeks left of flower? Please lmk your thoughts.


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Yes. In fact, a lot of growers defoliate on a (loose) schedule of around day 21, and around day 42 for a cleanup. And as needed to expose bud sites.

And if your only light is above, rotating isn’t really necessary, but it never hurts to rotate for inspection, and then leave them however they end up. Should you add side lighting, then rotating is helpful since most tents can’t have side lights on the side with the door.