Leaves blocking light

I’m curious as to whether or not I should cut off some of these huge leaves that are blocking the light from some small buds underneath them. I tried a few different pictures to show, but it just doesn’t show like it does when you’re standing here looking at it. What are your thoughts? I don’t know if it’s going to upload these pics or not. It only shows one right now.:woman_shrugging:t2:
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It won’t let me upload the pics for some reason, but should I trim the big leaves that block the light from the small flowers underneath? These are all autos: BB, GG, GSC.

You need to wait till its done uploading before you finish posting.
We see the “Uploading” link but it wasn’t done yet.
Try again and wait till its done ,then hit reply

And its much better for us if you upload one pic per post. We can easily enlarge them that way.


I’m a real big fan of defoliation. Really huge. But I don’t just willy nilly remove leaves. Here’s the rule. If the leaf is connected to a bud site that I intend to keep, I don’t remove the leaf.

Did you consider removing the little buds that won’t amount to much? You could also tuck those leaves out of the way.

I’ll watch to see if you upload a pic.


I agree every time I’m in my tent I come out with a handful of leaves you can also tuck the leaves down or under the bud sites


I think it finally let me upload one. @oldmarine I’m fine with trimming off the smaller buds that don’t get as much light…if it will improve the growth of the other buds on that stem. Will it possibly do that?

I have more pictures, but just wanted to try one. You’ll have to enlarge it to see what I’m talking about. I’ve already made one mistake, I’ve trimmed a few leaves that were connected to buds…didn’t know. Live and learn.

I wish I were there to help you, but this is something you’re gonna have to do alone. Be prepared to make mistakes, accept them and move on.

This is Polly. Lollipop and defoliation. About 24 ozs at harvest.

This is Tammy. Mainlined, lolipopped and defoliated. 50% more than her sisters.

Yeah, I see the benefit.


That Polly is beautiful!! I loved your pictures, that was the best, easy visual for a topping and lst when they’re young, thank ya. I’ll give them a baby trim.:wink:


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Polly was Karla’s favorite last year.

These were the top of her. The bottom branches were harvested the day before.


Holy shit!! Those are huge!!

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So I did a little trim job this morning. Does it look like I took too much? The first two pics should be views of my girl, GSC~Shortbread. The next two should be the views of my GG~Magilla. I was hoping to get an opinion before I trimmed up the others. Don’t worry, I tucked plenty of leaves also.

Also, can anyone tell me what this little black worm looking thing is? I found two on my leaves.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Thanks in advance.

Well, yes and no. Karla is kinda short. I did get about 24 ozs off of her…

No, you didn’t remove too much. I don’t know if you can see it or not, but I removed all the growth on the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 on all the branches. This was about 1 month into flower. After that she was just defoliated as needed.

You’ll be surprised at how fast they bounce back.

Thanks for the visual, it helps a lot.