Correct marijuana nutrients

An inquiry from a fellow grower:

I found 3 seeds in my kitchen drawer and said to my self f#$k it . After they germinate ed I potted them after a week or so I said to my self I better get a decent light so I got a deel on ebay blue spec and a red spec for £15 but they are only 45 watt cfls .Two of my babies started to shrivelled up and one was reaching for the sky so I got rid of the two and consentated on the one and after 7 weeks of 24/7 6400k blue spec light I changed the bulb to the 12/12 red 2700k light then I thought to myself I better read up abt all this stuff (sorry forgot to mention that I potted the girl in miracle grow potting mix )
It has been in flower for 2weeks now ive been feeding my babie canna a+b canna boost rhizotonic and cannazym
I got the nutrients in 30 ml bottles in a testing pack on ebay im giving my girl in a litre of water 1 ml canna a 1 ml canna b 1.5 ml canna boost every 6 days and a 5 ml spoon of fish blood and bone every second feed I put 1ml of cannazym for good metabolism and ive got 1ml of rhizotonic and 3ml canna boost in my spray bottle and spraying 4 times every light cycle .
Ive cut the big leaves off because ive read In your book that it will concentrate on growing buds after ive cut all the big leaves off ive only cut 6 big leaves off to date and going to cut the other 6 big leaves off next week so I don’t shock my baby to much at once and was just going to ask if this is ok and what you think abt what im dooing my soil ph is at 7 and if im dooing ok for my first time growing canna

Well; It sounds to me like you may be loving this plant to death. I do not remove fan leaves, and being legally blind and running my own greenhouse hydro farm op; I have not had time to read the entire book.

If Robert says to do that and you are comfortable in your decision; Go for it. Generally the fan leaves turn yellow as a sign of a maturing, finishing plant.

Sometimes you can do too much to the plant. You have to let it grow somewhat naturally; IMO

I also think foliar feeding 4 times a day is overkill, and not necessary. i only foliar feed when the plant contracts an issue; And many growers swear by foliar feeding during flower to boost the bud density and size. Peace

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