Help on flower nutes

hi guys. Ive vegged some plants in a 4*4 growing in coco. I’ve been using canna a and b with rhizotnic through veg and I’ve some cannazyme. Now I’ve just flipped and i am using koolbloom and canna a and b will h zyme. Can anyone help with What i should add or change or whatever

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Not familiar with your nutrients. Perhaps why this question is getting so little attention. But I will suggest to keep your system as simple as possible. I have seen so many growers who keep adding things to the soil/coco and soon the plant is showing multiple issues. So I use the goldilocks method. Not too much, not too little. Follow the printed directions first and then adjust from there if you see issues.

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A fairly basic add on is Silica. Otherwise, learn what you are using before adding a lot of variables into the mix.


I suppose i mean i dont need anything extra pk or boost wise. Canna coco a and b and calmag with koolbloom for flower time 0-10-10

If you use KB start off at .5ml per gallon. Work up slowly to 6ml per gallon in later flower. Personally I’d refer you to the cocoforcannabis website. Since you’re using Canna (good stuff), have you thought about sticking with a and b then running PK 13/14 later. I’ve never used it but from what I’ve read it’s really good.

I want to start using Jack’s, but everything I read about canna is positive too. I have canna coco coir otw right now. Let us know how running canna nutes goes.