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Hi guys
Just wanting some advise from a fellow Aussie
I’m just after a decent nutrients available in Oz for indoor growing (grow tent) with soil. Most of the decent ones are overseas and postage is a killer. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated as this is my first grow
Cheers @sweetas

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This was a answer from a question like yours and @Niala can help you on that
"Always keep in mind that for vegetative stage it’s just a little more N than PK and for flowering stage, much more, about the double, than N.

The ratio for flowering stage is more important than the ratio for vegetative stage.

In vegetative stage it even can be in equal part, espacelly to correct deficiencies (20-20-20), however, generaly, a 5-4-4 will do. It doesn’t have to be exactly that, if you find a 5-3-2, 6-4-5 or 5-4-3 or 20-15-15, 15-10-12… for example… Just remember, little more N than PK for vegetative stage.

For flowering stage, search for a ratio like this : 4-10-10, 3-7-8, 2-5-5 or 10-20-20, 7-15-15… For example… Just remember, about the double of PK than N for flowering stage.

If you go with commercial powder, just remember to go at 1/4 strength and no more than half strength. Personnaly, I only use them to correct deficiency."
And I recommend my old thread" stupid question", there I was asking many questions about the grow and people given me the best answers… Welcome to ILGM my friends!

Hi guys I have found this available in Australia will this be ok to use for my first grow


@sweetas This is what I used for my 1st Grow, Was easy to follow. I am new to Growing so this is all I can offer.

@sweetas you could try the flower power nitrients they sell at ILGM. Free shipping and they are supposed to be fantastic. (I’m assuming free shipping anyway I’m in the U.S.)

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Those should work also @sweetas. I’ve seen quite a few members use those nutrients with good success.

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If the General Hydroponics is a good price many on here have success but most are switching to the product @Jmesser80 gave you the link to if the price is in your budget that is how I would go


@Oldstoner I use Bubble Buckets 1st grow and loved it.(Had a good grow) I know i have read the info on the Flower Power and it can be used in the BB or Hydro, But I have yet seen where anyone has used it in this fashion.

Have you or anyone you may know?
as for GH you trip over it every where.

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@Hogmaster is using flower power now I am not sure how he is using it but he is having great results . When my current supply of ff runs out I’m going to be investing in some it is a bit pricey but you get a kilo of each so it will last me years using so little a feeding

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Hi @crazyots sorry which one have you used I must have missed a post from you.
By the way they look good
Cheers @sweetas

General Hydroponics 3 part, I thought it was you asking if it was good
to use.

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer Set, 1
pint (Pack of 3)

And I was just showing how well I did with it.

Cheers @crazyots did you do yours in soil.
I will go with that one :+1:

Bubble Bucket

Try Advanced Nutrients you can get them here, look them up on the net.


That’s what I’m using and no issue thus far!

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@sweetas just seeing what products you ended up getting? im also in Aus and having trouble finding shit

I just bought some Ionic from my local hydro store and I am in Adelaide.

Hi everyone another Aussie here if your interested jump on my topic it’s called “ first time indoors “.its got photos of what I’m using it’s been going pretty good so far.
Your plants look good I also have 2 skywalker og growing, 4 weeks into flower have a look see what you all recon any advice is welcome :blush:
Hope to hear back soon

I am growing two Aborigine landraces in North America. Your grow season is different than my own on account of different hemispheres. Do you know if the seeds must be grown on a different time schedule?

Thanks Mat. I’m slowly figuring out the rhythms of planting for landraces. Maybe there are none?