Hello ILGM, I have 6 WW from which I purchased the seeds from your seed shop.They are now 6 weeks old , The PH of the soil is 7 I have them in soil called “420 Blend” I last fed them last Wednesday with FoxFarm.I am noticing lil yellow spots slowly appearing on A few of my girls I placed them far away from the ones whom don’t have spots.I live in So California and our weather has been strange.It rained hard for A cple days with heat to back it up also strong winds in which have stopped me from transplanting them in their final pot outside. I looked up plant care in my ILGM’s grow bible and this is what I came up with. #1 the spots are a fungis possibly septoria? #2 I think I should take 1tsp of neem oil add to 1 qt of water and pour in soil.Could you pls tell me if I am correct in doing so.Thnx for your time and effort you all help me so much I have gained so much knowledge from you all…Lisa

If you’ve ruled out nutrient imbalance or nutrient lockout causes, then I would say you are likely looking in the right direction. Keep in mind if the soil is staying too wet for too long, that in itself can cause nutrient lockout and other problems.

As far as the neem oil is concerned, there is no harm in trying, it is very safe.

If you think the spots are fungal or bacterial in origin, you could also mist the leaves with the diluted hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, half cup to a gallon or 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per quart. I recommend using distilled water but it can be tap or hose water if you don’t have easy access to r/o or distilled water. Mist the leaves with a spray bottle with this solution. This will combat bacterial or fungal infections on the surfaces of the leaves.