Is this a bug doing this?

These spots showed up on my plants (one Indica, and 1 Sativa) today literally since this morning. Have never seen this. Could it be some nutrient thing? pH is 7. Nutrients is plain old Miracle Grow. Outdoor grow in 7 gallon pots. Plants are 3 months old. This hit a 1 month old autoflower also. Plants are mixed in with other garden stuff. Any help identifying this would be appreciated.

That’s kind of weird, I don’t know what the hell that is either ?

…but I know your pH is a little high, try 6.5
-good luck

It resemble a mold on trees ive seen.

Should I try Neem oil? Other suggestions?

just a thought could it be sun spots .caused by water drops on the leaves then getting brite sun causing them to act like small magnifying glasses .H


I was thinking burn from water droplets in the sun.
It never hurts to proactively spray with neem oil it can save worry later
and it works better then reactive spraying and the plants like the free nutes.
In the work green house its all we can use with out paper work so I have
tried it on every thing even mold.
I have a mix given to me by an ex major hydro grower :slight_smile:
1L waterPH’ed 2ml neem squrt of dish soap (I use the home brand stuff) 5ml hydroden Peroxide.
Don’t spray on flowering plants and I have been told not to spray fruit if your
going to harvest in a few weeks (But I think you could wash most fruit).

@dlanor42 . are your plants inside or out ? you can use Food Grade DE …it dosnt taste bad like the neem oil .ha… you mite also try using peroxide in water by it self … but its short lived effect … has to be reapplied . do all your plants have this ?? Are they many or one or two … if you have many , and its only on one or 2 plants, i would mainly monitor them .watching to see if it spreads to other plants or worsens … give the peroxide a try .use ph balanced water and add 1 table spoon of peroxide to a gallon of water .mist them top and bottom of leaves . every 3 days for a few times … Hammer

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it looks like something has dripped on them if they are out side it could of been bird droppings
if it was water i don’t think u would get the half circle on the right leaf in the last pic.
I couldnt sleep last night (pain sucks) so I did some research on it because of the shape
I have seen something similar when its been warm and wet but never that perfectly round
called leaf spot. leaf spot if a name given to alot of molds viruses and fungi that make a similar mark on leaves
It most resembles Blueberry leaf spot in
shape and size they say it can be found in other plants but don’t list cannabis this dosnt mean it is or is not effected.
I would go with peroxide first as @Hammer said that will kill most bad things. 1-5ml per liter
I didn’t know about the bad taste with Neem but I have mainly only used it on veggies where I
didn’t notice anything and I have not used cannabis after having Neem use on it. (I think) But I once watched in disbelief as I person I know and am related to sprayed his plants with bug spray to kill white fly and this is why I have never bought it since that day.
If it isn’t effecting many leaves you could prune them and burn or bag the marked leaves.

Thanks for your insight and help. I will try some DE in the soil and around the trunks, and some peroxide. The plants are otherwise healthy, but I know bug bites can carry disease, so I want to try and solve this. By the way, the mystery deepens as the spots are also on my rhubarb, corn and sunflowers. (drip irrigated) Tomatoes, squash and cucumbers show no sign. I also saw these same spots on a grassy weed a mile from my house!

Yes leaf spot can travel along garden grass
Most are short lived only lasting a few weeks where the conditions are just right.
See some of that research made it into my head but I wonder what it push out to make room ?

I couldn’t let this go so I just kept digging and looking around. Turns out our whole town (a very small town) got hit. According to the master gardeners at universitie, it might be “residual herbicide in dust particles brought in with rain drops” Evidently there is a particular herbicide used heavily on farms in this area that leaves residual in the dust. Wind blows, dust flies, rain keeps coming down, down! If it isn’t one thing …

Thats a bit of a worry
Hope the EPA know about that

Hi sorry I don’t know how to create my own post so I got to pigie back , I hada spot by my fence with a bunch of weeds and I realize I might of had a marijuana plant because when I smoke I throw my seeds at the fence and I pulled all the weeds except 2 and and I don’t know if one is but I’m sure a bout the other one and the one I’m sure about has holes in it I’m worried it might be a bug getting it can you look at these pictures and tell me what it is please thank you

sorry, no cannabis here in either case

cannabis leaves are made up of odd numbers of leaflets.
none of the leaves here show that


Thanks! I didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news this early :thumbsup:

…wish it was, that stuff’s all over my back yard

I have two plants in veggie stage n recently started getting yellow spots. I’ve had a few white flies n other heathens on my ladies and I’m not sure if it’s a bug doing this or some kind of mold can someone plz help me!!


Damn that sucks ,thanks for your help