Help my marijuana

A inquiry from a fellow grower:


Picture quality isn’t good enough to give you a good diagnoses. It could be yellowing from not enough nitrogen, or it could be a nutrient imbalance or too much nutrients.

Growers should understand, and we need to make it clear to them; Members/fellow growers. No matter how good a grower you are; You can’t just look at a picture of a 3 day old or 3 month old plant, and just diagnose the issue.

Sure we could do it in our own labs! But! Without proper background information I am not going to keep guessing.

Please include the following info whenever asking about issues you are having with your plant.

  1. What is that medium?

2, How many days old

  1. Have you given it nutes?

  2. What is the PH of the soil.

But! 1st! You should read all of the propagation and preparations In our FREE Grow Bible before starting another grow.

The plant looks too small to been given nutrients or to be in too hot of a soil. It is too young to really worry about. If a seed pops and goes to die ina couple days; Then it was weak. If it makes it until it has grown out 4-5 true sets of leaves; Then It is worth worrying about. Best to get a starter mix of jiffy pellets if you want to grow ina mulch like that. Seedling will root a lot better.

Hope this helps. READ! Peace.lw

Hello! I think I found the answer to my problem by reading the “Grow Bible” therefore all I need is A confirmation…My WWs are 6 weeks old the PH in the soil is 7.I am using A new blend of soil that hit the stores recently it’s called “420 Blend” .Their last feed was last Wednesday. I have been noticing yellow spots on my girls as of now that’s all they are is very small spots.I quarantined them from the others went to the growers bible that Robert wrote and this is what I decided. #1 that what I have on my girls is Septoria.I came across that conclusion as we recently had heavy rains and hot days.#2 I am going to but haven’t yet flush them with neem-oil and water mix.Our weather here in So Cal is weird we have had strong winds that have kept me from transplanting them in their outside pots.Am I doing the right thing?