Compost tea with super soil

I’d like to get away from nutes while my living soul is cooking up. Can you make a compost tea out of fox farms happy frog?

Seems like damn near the same thing I’m being advised to do once my living soil is finished. They say once your living soil is done you can make a compost tea with it and you won’t need nutes. Why wouldn’t Fox farm happy frog do the same?

@Budbrother I understand your an organic Gardner. Do you simply feed your plants with compost tea and they rest is handled by the living soil?

So much more to it than that. Living soil concentrates on the living part. It still needs organic inputs and then the things to break them down.

Who’s they? They are wrong!


You can make a compost tea with compost…

While living soil has microbes and fungi in it, actual compost would be a much richer source. Not to mention the fact that you want to introduce a good variety of microbes into your soil. Using different sources (composts, worm castings, etc.) helps diversify your biome.

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Do you happen to have your recipe handy for soil? I’ve got one off the internet that has been a pain in the ass to source materials for thus far. I’m confident I’m overthinking it though.

There are so many different types, options and price ranges for building soil. I see super soil mentioned above. If so, I can’t help.

Here’s a resource for your research

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Hopefully I’m not butting in I use the small batch recipe from sub cool super soil sub cool was this old grower bless him rest in peace

That’s great to hear. I just adopted that recipe. Products are in route.