To compost tea or not to compost tea?

So . . . I just top dressed last watering. I want to make an aerated compost tea. When is a good time to give it? Can you/should you use tea after top dressing or should I wait? I’m already in the late stages of veg.

STRAIN: Blue Dream
MEDIUM: Super soil = FFOF, Neem, hydrocorn, kelp, superchar, worm castings and Top Dressed with Nature’s Pride veg
COMPOST TEA: Boogie Brew
POTTING: 5 gal. “smart pots”
PH: 6.0
Run off PH: 5.8
LIGHTING: Originated in 2X2 tent with 125 W CFL Agrobrite 18/6 cycle. Moved to SF 4000 LED 5X5 with exhaust and 2 oscillating fans 18/6 cycle
TEMP: 73-80 degrees
HUMIDITY: 45-60 %
WATER: 1 tbs Liquid Seaweed/gal + 5 ml Blackstrap Molasses/gal


Do eet! Just do it sparingly. Teas are good assuming you are in living soil and arent using bottled nutes or fertilizers.

I am doing it in living soil. My ticket is above. How sparingly? I’ve been alternating between top dressings and tea every water. In other words, they get tea every other water. Are you saying that is too much?

I don’t use deadtrients BTW

No Im not saying that, I just dont use the same teas or kelp and seaweed with every watering. I use it maybe every 3rd watering. I have compost and earthworms to do work for me too. I also grow clover and use hay. All of my trimmings go back to the ground. I have mushrooms growing in my soil too.


Are you growing outdoors? I use kelp when I water with the top dressing. That stalk is HUGE! Why the hay? How did you get mushrooms to grow in your soil without the normal bad stuff that comes with such high humidity and water content?

I’m feeling like you must be growing outdoors for those things to work well.

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no, open greenhouse, by that I mean insects and stuff are free to populate the environment. I believe that nature controls pests and stuff pretty well on its own. I get ladybugs and aphids etc.

Do you plant the clover on your own? How do you get the shrooms in there?

The spores come in with things I compost