Compost Tea's & Slurries: Chunks or no chunks? Bag or no bag?

I have a big farmers sack of

Compost Blend | Black Swallow Living Soils, Brantford ON (


Worm Castings | Black Swallow Living Soils, Brantford ON (

and I don’t even really know how to use them properly when top dressing.

I don’t aerate so I’m just using the stir method mentioned on the cannabis science podcast, where I basically just create a slurry, add some fish hydrosylate for food, and microbes for extra boost, and “stir” every time you walk by it

I want to know: Do you leave the compost/casting chunks and add it to the top of the soil? Or do you use a bag (I have one, never opened it yet) to squish out the goodness but then remove it?

When would the bag be suitable? When are the chunks suitable? Irrigation sprayer vs. no sprayer, simple as that?

And as a side topic I’d love to know best way to use these two items and at what times, if you can spare the few extra minutes

Thanks again :slight_smile:


When I brew tea I like to use a brew bag that way when transferred to my metal watering container it doesn’t create blockage in the head. I would aerate as well to stop it from becoming anaerobic. You can use sprayers for foliar sprays or watering seedlings other than that I use a normal watering can.

I like to put all compost tea ingredients in a brew bag and aerate in 5 gallon buckets for atleast 24 hours between 65 and 75 degrees.
At the end I squeeze my bags in the tea, remove bags and use what’s left as a top dressing.
Compost teas are great to use at transplant times for watering in and then from then on a weekly dose is beneficial, you can also change up your brew depending what time of year whether you want high nitrogen or phosphorus