Help with compost tea

Sorry for a new topic…

I’m trying to brew a compost tea to give my flowering auto using the following

Organic Compost
Bat Guano
Worm Castings
Organic Volcanic Rock Dust
Liquid Fish & Seaweed

I’m only brewing a gallon, as it is for one small (10" tall) plant, in a 5 gallon pot. I’m letting my water dechlorinate for at least a day, and making sure I add molasses first. I have an aquarium pump with 2 hoses and rock stones.

It gets foamy within the first hour or so, but after a few hours the foam is gone. Before listing how much of what I am putting, can any experienced brewers tell me how much of these ingredients I should/shouldn’t use for better results?

I also have mykos and azos if these will be beneficial as well.

If I need to brew a couple gallons instead of 1, I can.

Thanks in advance and happy growing!!!

I only started brewing tea this year. Used it on my plants first and leftover on vegetables and flowers. I bought a boogie brew filter and their mix as recommended by I think @Mark0427 ? I did add some molasses to the mix but never saw foam until about 24 hours. I was brewing 5 Gallons every three days. Throughout the summer I would throw in other stuff.

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I’ve read that more molasses can be added during the brew. There’s so many different recipes with hugely varying amounts. I’ve seen 2 tablespoons to 5 gallons all the way to 8 or 10 tablespoons for 5 gallons.

Just throwing out some possibilities ….

How do you wash between use? Could there be residual soap? I just rinsed with water. Or when I was lazy let the bucket dry in the sun LOL.

If you are using city tap water are you filtering your water or aerating 24 hours before adding your mix? Also making sure to clean the tubing and air stones between each use?

Like I said, I am new to using tea but found a few tweaks to get a good brew.

Had a bounty of tomatoes and herbs this year and the shade and bird/butterfly gardens went crazy!

I’m using a brand new bucket, with brand new hoses and air stones. I rinsed and dried the bucket real good first. Let the water dechlorinate for a day then pump run for a couple of hours before adding anything.

I’ve taken to adding the molasses just before I feed the plants. I also stopped aerating my brews. I add the compost, bat guano, vegetable peelings, egg shells and whatever to a 35 gallon trashcan. I keep it covered and use it as microbe and bacteria breeding tank. Give it a few days and feed it to the plants adding about a tablespoon of molasses to each gallon. Think of it as replenishing and feeding the microbes and bacteria. Take care of them and they’ll take care of your plant.


Wow you are doing everything correctly in my limited experience.

I wonder if one of the ingredients are inhibiting the production of microbes? Maybe start with a simpler mix of 1 ingredient + molasses like a science experiment? Add in another ingredient until you find the culprit. I have done just worm casings and molasses before when hub cleaned the shed and put all my gardening stuff in the back behind the camping gear and I had to dig it out!

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Ok, I think I see what you’re saying. Like giving them a fresh little treat before going into action, so to say. What I’m saying probably doesn’t make sense, but what you’re saying does. I only put a tablespoon of molasses, and the first tea I brewed a few weeks ago did the same. I’ll add a a couple teaspoons in the morning, then another couple just before using it. Thanks a lot neighbor.

I like this approach @oldmarine !

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That is actually a great idea. I still have a few weeks before harvest, so if this one doesn’t get right over the next day and a half, I’ll just give a regular watering, then experiment over the week and see where the changes really occur. Thanks so much!

I am still learning! My first experiment was using compost from our bin and it was anaerobic. Tent smelled like ammonia for days!

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I’ve still got a lot to learn.have only harvested 2 plants I grew outdoors, but I started 2 more, too late. So I brought in the one that is doing better (started off way behind) and am letting the other ride outside. When the one is done inside, I’m going hermit for a couple weeks and fine tuning as much as I can before dropping beans.

Sometimes you will see a really rich mixture because its intended to cut the final brew with water before applying.


I’m gonna make an experiment in making my own tribus. Or version of it lol. Molasses milk water and cheese cloth let it all set in sun for 2 weeks to a month then strain the curds out and u should be left with homemade tribus. They have vids on you tube for it seems super simple. Wonder if it can be done in a basement or something as it is getting cold here now and shit would freeze


You can also make lactic acid from rice wash water. Haven’t tried, but seems easy peasy

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Yes it was rice water a bit of molasses I believe and I don’t think that one had milk believe it was mixed different. Can make a bunch of stuff lol. Japanese and Chinese people have all the ideas down good. Just need to not eat weird foods like I see on videos and all might be good lol. They r super smart people tho for sure

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No kidding. The video I watched was from Hawaii, but heavy again heritage there.

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Yes they do do alot of self making as it is harder to get things to them so they substitute with their own which is good in ways for sure. Wish I had the brains space and patience to do all this on my own. Would be great to say I made the nutes for the grow and all

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I know! And honestly, there has been so much spill, vapor release and all kind of disposal methods of chemicals here in the states, you can’t grab a handful of plain dirt without finding a thousand things that shouldn’t be there. Not all necessarily bad, just not put there by nature.

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