Compost tea recipes Needing help

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Any suggestions on if I should add less or whats up and how many gallons yall think I should bubble with this recipe???

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Maybe 2 gallons but use it when you make it cause it doesn’t last also there’s a really good thread over in the soil section that has ALOT of information concerning teas the how to’s and what for’s and also even the when

Humic and fulvic acid thread

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Good morning. Teas are the way to go! We mix up about 45 gallons each weekend for 10 plants. Letting it brew for about 48hr prior to feeding. Make sure to use the tea fresh. Once you stop brewing it only last about 30 mins. Unless you toss it into the fridge.

I pre mix water bottles with our solutions at the start of every outdoor grow.
For example.
Molasses. Veg I use 1 water bottle. Durring flower I ise about 1.5 bottles. Bat poop. Durring veg I use about .25 of a bottle. Durring flower we end at about .6 of a bottle.
Bio-live I mesure with a small dixie cup. Two scoops. Humic acid gets 1. Lol.
Our dolution rates are probebly pretty low but thats alright. Sometimes to much of a good thing is ‘not’ a good thing :wink:
Happy growing…

Worm castings.
Bat poop.
Humic acid

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