How often can I feed this compost tea while in flower?

I have 4 plants that are 2 weeks into flower. They are about two months old and in living soil. I am not feeding store bought nutrients but I’ve used a couple different teas once each. I’m wondering when/if I can feed with this tea again (last time was two weeks ago):

Here’s a pic. The bottom recipe is the one I’m inquiring about.

Edit: The recipe doesn’t mention it’s for 4 gallons of (de-chlorinated) water

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Pic didn’t load to show but was clickable and this is what your referring to…

I’ve done a lot of research on this but am by no means an expert but I now usually only brew teas for around 24 hours. I haven’t tried that recipe. My experience is that with what I use much longer than 48 hours and my teas tend to go bad and not smell right…earthy like smell is good and sour stinking like is bad…

I use teas around every 3-4 weeks during grow. Remember during flower you don’t want to do a foliar application to avoid potential bud rot and the like just water them top side and maybe even some in saucers to let it wick up from bottom too.

Here is a post I made last night that might help.

I would think that the recipe from Great Lakes Water only has been tested by them and if using their products would work but i don’t know.

Are you using their super soil as part of your grow? I ask because just using teas through to harvest may or may not get you there…I don’t know. If using their SS it should as I have looked at their stuff just never tried it. So if not you may need to use other nutrients to help finish them.

Forgot to answer the frequency of using teas question… not sure what they recommend with what your using…but I use Boogie Brew and they state can be used every week but I don’t.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the reply. I am indeed using their super soil. Last time I made this tea I followed the instructions to a “T” (dad joke) and after 72 hours my house smelled like the inside of a barn. Between all of the poo and the alfalfa it seriously smelled like a farm. Definitely not what I would call “earthy.” I’d read before that if it smells bad it may have turned. Only problem is when you are using guano, fish poo and alfalfa is it every actually going to smell good?

The reason I’m a little nervous about the timing of this is that my plants are showing a tiny bit of claw and burnt/light tips. This condition was much much worse before the last tea I gave. My hope is that another dose of micros will help further with regulating the nutrients but I’m a newb so no idea if I will actually just make it worse.

Pics would help…

The idea behind using teas is adding to the micro heard which does the heavy lifting etc and the added stuff in the tea gives them food sources.
I like the barn smell myself and yea all that stuff in there the smell will be different than recipe #1

If your micro heard is healthy and your keeping the soil at good moisture content than they are living and reproducing on their own and eating and pooping food for the soil food web.
I’ve used Kind Soil super soil and they don’t recommend adding anything but dechlorinated water within the Ph range of 6.3-7.0 but I do add teas to it from time to time as well as Mychorrizael fungi but others have done just water and have had great results!

I would just follow their instructions that they have for growing in their super soil…if it recommends doing teas by all means but the brew could be too strong? Sometimes they want you to brew and then dilute that with water before using it…
Boogie Brew I use recommends if brewing at full strength to then dilute 1:1 and feed…you can also adjust amount of ingredients and brew stronger or weaker strengths and dilute or not

It’s a learning process

Sorry. I know they would. I didn’t expect it to get too specific about my plants. I hate it when people give insufficient info.

Interesting… most super soils tells you the lime will buffer the pH and that it’s better not to check it. I prefer checking it (just the input… no runoff). It just takes a minute and helps when diagnosing potential issues down the road. If you know you’ve been giving pH’ed water then you know that’s likely not the issue.

EDIT: Oh, regarding pH. I did break down and buy a bluelab soil pH pen so I can check the soil itself without needing runoff or a slurry. The same device can check liquid too.

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Yea I use a $55 soil Ph probe…analog unit but it works great for me…have 2 of them just in case and to cross check one against on other if needed. I’ve found soil Ph varied with depth and moisture content and that the plants roots and critters do affect the soil ph as well with what they poop and bacteria/fungi ratios etc…

I don’t adjust PH of teas but did used to check water Ph going in as my tap is around 7.8 or so and that burden can be too much for buffers or critters to handle well.
I now use RO water so it self regulates to the soil Ph as PPM is like 10 where my tap was around 450ppm