Anyone using living soil or teas?

I’d like to be able to reuse soil by making it a living soil.
I’ve read worm casing tea by using aquarium stones is one of the best nutes,but it doesn’t have the right nutes for flowering.
I think bat guana tea adds P but what about K.
Also lets say you use bubbled teas full of microbes,I hear it also has the best taste,can soil be reused next season.
If too much P is added during veg does it keep plant from building a good solid frame.
Some nutes using only N during veg,then start adding P and K during flowering.Any reason for this?

I make comp. Tea a few ways. But i always put an airstone/bubbler in it, it keeps everything thriving while adding o2 to water. For bigger batchs i fill my wheel barrow 3/4 full of finished compost and fill with rain water to top of wheelbarrow. Let sit in sun for a wheel or so. Then i pull plug and collect it as it trickles out.After most of it is out i lay a board over it and throw a cinderblock on it to press out the rest of tea. I store it in gal jugs and a few days before use i throw an air stone in gal.and feed it a spoon full of molasses. Before i use it i check ppm amd ph. Most time rain water needs no or very little adjustments. Even when i use pre-made comp. Teas(lile EZ bloom tea) i use bubbler in it for at least 24hrs, i also do that when i give my girls plain water and when i mix up their NOTG’s nutes.