Cloning my mother

@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @Watt-Sun Hello friends, I’m trying to start some clones using an aeroponic cloning machine, but I can’t get any roots to start. Using Clonex at concentration listed on the directions. Water temp is mid-60’s, pH is 5.8. Humidity is 60%. Ambient temp is 70 deg. Using a timer that is on for 1 min and off for 3 minutes. What is recommended for amount and duration of light? The cuttings look healthy and are thriving, just not putting out roots and it’s been over a week.

I’ve had that happen when the frequency of the flood and drain was high. I think I’d back way off on your flood time to like once every 3 hours then see if you need to increase frequency.

Did you cut off 1/3 of every leaf? What medium are they in? Rockwool?

I would also leave lights on 24/0 until roots show.


If your water temps don’t get too hot i would probably run it 24/7. In most cases they do, so i think companies like ezclone recommend 30 minutes on 30 minutes off.

I also leave my lights on 24/7 while rooting clones. I do same for veg a lot of times too.


They’re in little neopreme “pucks” that holds the stem. I cut roughly half off each leaf. The light is on 18 hours.