Cloning Using Ebb and Flow

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I was wondering if you can root clones directly in a 3x3 flood tray with 1 gallon pots? And if so, what flood/train schedule would be best? For the sake of this discussion let’s assume the pots are filled with hydroton.

I’m wondering if I can skip rooting them in a separate cloner and just root them in the ebb and flow system itself.



It would be harder to see how the roots are doing, but I’ve done it. I’d set it about 30min cycles, but even that would depend on your setup and moisture.


Light heat and humidity do help, it’s always worth a try. Maybe do some in the ebb and flow and others in a separate bubbler system to see which gives you better results.

I clone in 3 separate areas, it’s really wherever there’s an open spot. I have a diy 12 hole bubbler made from a storage tote. A aerogarden system and a small 6 hole bubbler system. I try to keep as many as possible in case of an oh shit moment like this morning

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