Clones just rooted

Alright guys. Back again with an update on the BD from ILGM. Cut 8 clones at about 6 weeks from germination. all rooted successfully. I’m doing 4 organic soil and 4 hydroponically using ebb and flow tray. Question is how often should I flood the tray? 2x4 tray with 20 gal reservoir. Soil pots are 7 gallons I believe. I’ll be following the chart on back of the GHP flora line. Obviously water soil when dry. Question is more for hydroponic table. I plan on getting the soil pots on a drip irrigation system here soon


I’m also Keeping them in veg for a bit to get some new growth, larger root mass, and experiment maybe with topping? What do you guys think? Maybe throw a screen over em? I’ve never done either (topping/dog/Scrog) thoughts? Tips?

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I think I would definitely Scrog and Top em for sure @Countryboyjvd1971 what y think my dude?

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@Countryboyjvd1971 is the hydroponic champ in my eyes maybe he has some input to help you @Tdave1211do you do LST (light stress training)

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Also @Tdave1211 what kind of nutes you useing? The leaves in the ones look a little rough to me like they could use some or some more of u already use it! How close is you’re light?

Idk what LST is. Which one did you distressed? None of the clones have had any nutes at all yet just plain water. I’m about to dump nutes into reservoir tonight. The mother plant tho yes towards the bottom the fan leaves are discolored. Idk why. I’m using the general hydroponics nutes flora line. 45w led panel probably 5" above mother. But all too leaves are beautiful. Except one mid fan leaf. It has one perfect brown spot in one finger of one fan leaf. And only one layer of fan leaves (bottom) are discolored. Besides the one spot on the one middle leaf.

@Stoner_Cody420 I think you may be mistaken? Sir @Countryboyjvd1971 doesn’t do hydro to my knowledge but @Donaldj @peachfuzz do😎 oh and @ktreez420
Thought help was needed, wasn’t aware that you were praising past help. My fault! I’ll go back to corner now.


Can we get real light pictures? looks like tip burn on some but hard to see plants overall colour when they are in purple lights

Props to @Countryboyjvd1971 he does have a wide knowledge base and keeps tabs on who does what so he’s able to redirect questions when needed :slight_smile: You don’t need to grow in a system all the time to spot issues in it and typically if info given is wrong or one of the hydro guys will spot it but he has a good grasp of most of it.


The clones haven’t had any nutes at all. Only water. My questions are how to mix nutes properly into my 20 gal reservoir. And how often should I flood the table? What PH should be and ppm?

I mix in 5 gal bucket doing math for entire res but in ebb&flow you can add nutrients straight to res since pump doesn’t run constantly ph range should be between 5.5-6.2 5.8 is target but close works since will fluctuate for first 48hr’s I would fill res to 3/4 add nutrients at half dose 5-600 ppm 3/4 volume lets you thin it down if it’s too high :wink: set timer for 15 min every 1:30 if medium stays too wet then add time between floods.
What you ideally want is medium to remain moist between floods since fans and temps change the time needed you have to make those adjustments on the fly. Ph will change and level out after few days runing through medium so will need daily checks but if ppm is right it should stay close to stable after few days

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Key things to watch for are ppm raise and or leaf tip burn which would mean ppm may be too high some fluctuation first 2 days is normal

Did full 20 go and put 1/2 does of nutes in it. Says 1000ppm and ph is at a 6.9

a little too high ppm and ph so drain some and top off with fresh water aiming for 500-600 ppm remember than adjust ph to 5.8