Clone from flowering plant?

I have one plant that I want to clone but was curious how to go about it

Would I be able to remove and salvage buds from the branch I’m cloning? When this plant is finished and I’m ready for the curing process is it basically finished with no chance of recovery or it possible to keep it going?

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Usually when you clone a flowering plant (monster cropping) it’s done in the first 3 weeks of flower. Becomes harder after that… much harder. But if you have a plant that is exceptional and worth the effort not necessarily impossible. It will take a long time it will look really funky. It may not survive.

@Hellraiser has a great thread on cloning. Tons of knowledge


I’ve cloned from flowering plants before.

Didn’t take them long to grow roots. And they took off like weeds.

Her’s and I’ve got worms

I’ve also done a reveg of a harvested plant. I left some bud at the base of the plant. Put the plant under 24/7 lighting and within a month I had a revegged plant.

She looks funky, but I plan on a large harvest from her.

I’m doing this as a perpetual grow. I haven’t popped a White Widow seed since last Oct. All my current WW are clones from that seed and now I have a couple of reveg plants outside and growing.


Usually about 10 days to root unless u have a spectacular system lol. Just leave them under light 24/0 for 2 or 3 weeks. Prolly will see buds still start to form at beginning but just cut ot off and keep her clean til u see the new growth start to forming. Its totally doable take a bit of time and patience tho


I just leave the plant to grow for the first month. The above plants put out about 7 or 8 shoots each. I cleaned it up after those grew a few inches.

This is one of my plants that went into flower early after I put it outside. I chopped out the top part of the plant because my experience with this tells me I’m gonna have a big mess if I don’t.

I’ll probably clean her out today or tomorrow. Last I counted, she has 28 shoots.

I’d be hesitant of cutting out anything for the first couple of week or so. Simply because you can’t be sure.

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